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Dino’s that you really WANTED to like BUT

For me, this would be Majundaboa.

Yes, yes… I understand that it was SUPPOSED to been created to be a Yoshi killer last season (even that was subjective and up to chance encounters under the right conditions). But what about BEYOND that?

-It looks cool.

-Makes all of sinister hissing noises you’d expect from something that looks to have been the spawn of a snake and a xenomorph…

But beyond that? Nothing…

Meta and intentions aside, you CAN’T use it.

If it is “breathed” on it dies… and unlike most snakes whom are known (facetiously or not) for their quick strikes (no, in not going into the counter), it’s so slow…

It can’t even play right… look, it even falls off of its rolling can.

Majundaboa, I really wanted to like you but…


Grylenken before it was revealed. It looks so cursed!

And it’s not very effective.


Ha, that’s pretty cool. “it looks so cursed”.


the dino is so freaking cool but it just flops in the current meta


Mine would probably be Dsungaia and also Grylenken.

Pre 2.0 I remember spending ages trying to get the DNA for Dsungaia because it’s moveset set seemed pretty decent (and the AI kept wiping the floor with me using it, though it was boosted). And when I unlocked it I was itching to try it out, so I did and it…ended up being kind of meh. Sometimes it worked as a revenge killer but I often found it had too little health and would just end up dying regardless of using the heal or not. (I didnt boost it cos I wanted my pvp team to be boost free). And now post 2.0 it’s just gotten worse :confused:

Grylenken for me I really wanted to like (partially because username dino lol) because pre 2.0 it had an oddball moveset and looked like it could be fun to run:

Raking Claws.
Evasive Stance.
No Escape.
Immune to Deceleration.
Simple Rending Counter Attack.

However it ended up having so poor a health stat it usually just got steamrolled even with the evasion and distraction :frowning: . And then post 2.0 it’s moveset was totally revised to become a worse off Phorusaura.

Also honourable mention to Spinoconstrictor, 2.0 ruined it’s moveset.


Smiloceph and smilonemys. Smiloceph just seems to fall flat compared to phorusaura and other legendary speedsters. As for Smilonemy she got a damage nerf instead of a damage buff.


I love purrolyth. If I could, I would so put this on my team (if I had resources). However, while it did get a buff and is probably the second or third best rare, it just falls flat in the arena. Especially with trykos and maximas going around


thank you bro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I loved Spyx, worked hard to make it. Would have been very useful in current meta if:

It kept its anti-decel
It kept its bleed


I wanted to love Porcus but now their moveset is just fierce attacks and mutual fury. She’s just a standard hell hog but with 20% armor. You could’ve at least given her a shield like woolly rhino Ludia!


Is Spinotasuchus worse than it was before?

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I don’t know, I don’t even have one yet (because I’m investing utahraptor DNA into Utarinex until lvl 30).

he is insane bad

Um, not in the rare tournaments he ain’t

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No he got a buff, but it wasn’t huge and he didn’t get Decel immunity :frowning_face:

No, but spinonyx is just better as it can 1 for 1 maxima and tryko

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For me it was always Monomimus, I think it looked awesome with its skinny little neck and hilarious growling sounds, but after the consistent nerfs it couldn’t really compete where I was at so had to drop her :frowning:

But I would say she will always be one of my all time favourites even after everything she been through, though they did buff her recently so thats awesome!

Much worse. It’s attack was beefed by 300 at 16, could be even worse at 26. Its crit was nerfed to 20 and got fierce strike from strike but that’s it. I would get it to get it and then leave it.

true. remember that battle in sorna marshes? megalosuchus and other legends? one word. EASY

Actually, I haven’t been there in a while, although purrolyth does well in many top tier matchups, like thylacotator. I also beats megalosuchus as well as other legendaries like ankyntro and mammotherium. Purrolyth is not bad by any means