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Dino’s that you really WANTED to like BUT

I have 6 health, 0 attack, and 5 speed. But you can probably get pretty good use out of him even without speed boosts. He just won’t always get the final kill, but your next guy you bring in will. You can see from the top picture my purrolyth was slower and still won.

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The reason you have to start with FS is because you have to get at least one counter with 37%. If you start with shield he counters 25% both times because you have to regen second turn anyway with most Maximas. You might survive their rampage if they have no attack boosts and don’t CS, but if you gamble it wrong purrolyth is dead.

I kinda get it now. You regen everything with tryko, and now tryko can’t slow, so you regain priority. Thanks. Maybe I will have to get this guy up one day

it isn’t useless! but it isn’t one of the best uniques…

Alloraptor. After the 2.0 update its health is just a joke…

True, but it beats maxima

I loved this dino and completely agree. Taking those two things seriously hurt it.

I loved Dsungaia, it was my first level 30 dino and became my most boosted. Even then it was not great but was decent. It got the biggest speed nerf of all losing I think 14 speed and got a fair damage nerf as well. The worst was the move set changes. It had a ferocious impact (or maybe it was a strike) and now it has a group ferocity buff that does no damage and doesn’t buff for as many hits. It had it’s thagomizer replaced with a group decelerating strike. If I remember right thagomizer was an impact not a strike, so more damage loss there. Overall very disappointing and was sadly replaced on my team. If they replaced group ferocity with ferocious impact (or even strike) I would consider playing it again.