Dino’s to work towards with the new update


What Dino’s are you going to work towards? (Other than pterosaurs) I’m going to probably go for allosinosaurus and spinatosuchus if the reworked bleed seems worthwhile.


I’ll probably go for either Nodopatotitan cause my Nodopato is already 15 and Grifititan (totally butchered that name but hopefully you get what dino I was talking about) is already level 12 and spawns frequently near me.

I might also go for Allosinosaurus too because my Allosaurus is level 15 while Sino is level 12…

I’ll pick me up a Monolometrodon aswell cause why not basically free legendary. :slight_smile:


Are we sure nodotitan is from nodopatasaurus and not nodosaurus? Yeah seems like monolometriodon will be good too, I just don’t have much dna of either yet lol.


Judging by it’s name “Nodopatotitan” It would be fair to assume that it’s Nodopatosaurus + Grifititan.

Additionally, if memory serves, Then wouldn’t two Rare creatures be fused into an Epic hybrid instead of a Legendary hybrid? I mean Ludia could throw a curve ball and have it be Nodosaurus + Grifititan but that would be unlikely.


Oh yeah definitely possible, but just look at the new mono + demetriodon hybrid. Two commons = a legendary. The main reason I’m wondering is that would be the first Dino with three possible hybrids.


Bump, anyone else? How’re the spinosaurids looking now?


It’s definitely Nodopatosaurus. If it was just Nodosaurus, it would be Nodotitan. The patosaurus part comes from the Apatosaurus DNA in Nodopatosaurus.


I think I’ll go for Nodopatotitan in hopes it’s better than Gigaspikasaurus that I created and haven’t leveled since because why bother. And the Monolopho X Dimetrodon hybrid. And obviously the pterosaurs and the unique (in time).


Wonder what the pterosaur hybrid consists of.