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Dino skins

I generally like the way the Dinosaurs look in this game but I think that some could look better, it’s all a matter of opinion but skins would allow people to change the look of their team without changing its strength. Also this could fix a problem of the lack of diversity in teams. Ways to get the skins could be like obtaining the creature gets the default skin and one other skin getting it to level 26 would be another skin and getting it to 30 would be yet another and not to bring more micro transactions to the game but they could make one or two buyable skins.


Here is my idea. You could change your dinosaurs’ skin. You can win skins in incubators and achievements. Here is an example for Spinoconstrictor:


The idea of changing dinosaurs skins is nice, and I do look amazing in that drawing, I think achievement rewards may work as a way to get them as well as other forms such as incubators and special events and such


Skin changes are time consuming work for the team. You can make “prefixes” to dinosaurs, depending on the boosts. For example, if a dinosaur has more boosts in the attack, let’s say 15+, then he may have a larger jaw, slightly changed the color of his skin. If there is more health, then he has more hair, spikes on his back, the dinosaur itself is larger.

Erlikospix can be made as beautiful as Erlikogamma.

Arenas for 3500-6000 can be exchanged for night and more beautiful ones. The arenas at the bottom of the 3500 list are more beautiful, in my opinion, especially at night.

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I like that idea, would be pretty interesting to see!

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If it’s just color changes then skins wouldn’t be that time consuming