Dino sounds!

I’ve noticed that after the last patch, Dinos (i.e. Megalosaurus, Concavenator etc) along with some of the long necks, their sounds are muted. Is this something everyone is experiencing or is my game the only one messed up? :thinking:

Hey Lou_Rivers, is all the sound effects muted or is it just specific ones such as when the dino is attacking/roaring, and could you also try going into the Player Profile > Settings menu and toggle the SFX button off and on? If you’re still having sound issues after doing that, contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with more details and your support key so our team can investigate.

Hello Ned,

Thanks for getting back at me so soon. The issue I’m noticing, for example as you press on a Dino to get ready to tag them for DNA. The dinos like megalosaurus and other that make the identical sound in the game I cannot hear them until I begin tagging or when I press them to roar. Same goes for the Apato Amargo, etc. It looses sounds as I’m tagging for DNA

I turned he XSF button and nothing changed.

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t help, could you contact our support team with this information so they can investigate and see what the problem could be?

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Done! Thanks :+1:t3: