Dino spawn changes?


Before the recent patch, there was a regular flow of Dinos spawning at the supply drops around me (of which I couldn’t reach any if the stops, but with the VIP drone could snap up Dinos regularly)… however post the patch there is now nothing.

Has there been a change to their spawn rates, or the range at which you can see the Dinos that are around the supply drop from?

Has anyone else experienced this?


I have actually had the opposite experience, I have had two new spots generating Dino’s. However I have had them spawning inky to despawn within seconds which was odd…


Hmmmm I wonder if it has anything to do with these specials events maybe… certainly feels like something has changed though! Fortunately it wasn’t my main source of DNA - I BMX around the neighbourhood each night for that, but it was a nice time waster while sitting on the couch at home.