Dino spawn rotation

Can the species be rotated (or more often if they are to some extent). Have been playing a little over a week and though I am out and about somewhat frequently, of an evening I’m at home and 90% of what spawns seems to amount to maybe half a dozen species.

They change every month. This should help with understanding the spawn mechanics.

Many thanks, was helpful. A month seems a long time tho!

Not really when it gets down to it. It takes a long time to find some of the epics associated with each zone, so you don’t find very many of them. The longer you have to look, the better, especially for valuable hybrid ingredients like Compy. Of course, you don’t want to be stuck with the same dinos indefinitely, so a month is a good length: not too short, not too long.

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Just starting to get to grips with the hybrid thing, just an issue getting the prerequisite dinosaurs to the necessary level for fusion and finding the coinage to do it.

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Yep, that’s pretty much the game :sweat_smile: At least the collection aspect of it.

Don’t think it helps that I’m not vip or that I’m not on any social media which is seemingly preventing me getting in on raids & alliances, think I’m doing OK tho all things considered.