Dino spawns - all around map instead

Well to explain the title a bit… what if all dinos just showed up on the map instead of having proximity spawns? Daily life is already so fast paced and there’s honestly not enough time to just walk around for hours on end without really knowing where to look…

I know some people are gonna comment “well why dont they just hand everything to us instead, this is an AR game to walk around, blah blah blah…”

But reality is, we dont have time to be out hunting for hours and hours lol and some of those hunting sessions ending up being bad because we havent gone exactly to the spot where a dino might have been…

Just trying to make suggestions so the game is even more appealing…
Imagine opening the game and seeing a bunch of dinos around, and a variety of them! Not the same ones over and over lol

Sorry for the long post… just a bit frustrating when you go out hunting in this heat and dont encounter much… :confused:


Yeah im walking hours this weeks to catch only 3,4 dilophosaurus per day, and in my city now we have 40°+

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@Tronkun609 i feel your pain man… :confused:

I would like to see just a general map of where certain ones spawn at made from JW . That way if I wanna go somewhere that day I can plan my trip better . Ty

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