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Dino specific incubators?


Not a moan or complain topic just a what I’d like to see is incubators for specific dinos the ones you need/want but can’t find,I’m a vip member and do spend real world money now and then buy the game slightly lacks the option to grab dna for dinos you want.
ust an idea :blush:


While there’s already an aspect of Pay To Win in JWA with the weekly incubators, this is literally put cash in get winning out. I really don’t wanna see this.


I do understand the people who dislike the kinda “pay to win” aspect of the game but people need to remember the game developers have bills to pay both in business and at home the pay aspect is what’s needed to keep the game going and evolve down the line.
I’m happy to pay for dna for specific dinosaurs because not all dinosaurs spawn evenly across areas if you live in a small town the amount of dinosaurs are less than in larger population places


Weekly incubators? What Are you talking about?


The epic incubators that give DNA tailored to specific types of Dino, different every week. We had a Pyro/Erlikosaurus one recently, and a ‘swamp dwellers’