Dino speed


Okay I’m curious…

I did one battle where some guy kept swapping out his dinos, like…constantly. We both had a pyroraptor, mine was level 14, his 12. It said mine was going to go first, he swapped her out for another dino to protect her. I swap mine out after dealing damage to his second dino. My dino kills it, he brings out pyro again and kills my second. Okay, I’m going to take out pyro to one shot his. He swaps it out for another. My pyro kills his third dino (so I have two kills on him, he also has two kills on me). He brings out his pyro again when mine is almost dead and his is just a one shot from my pyro…apparently the game decided to let him go first.

I don’t get it. Is it based on the hp pool then? Because why does a lower level pyro go before a higher level one? And no, my pyro was not slowed by any other dino as she killed the one he swapped out the pyro for before it could attack.

I don’t mind losing but I find that a tad ridiculous.


Your Pyro should’ve gone first. The speed priority system has been buggy since the latest update…I’m sure that Ludia is aware of the issue. Hopefully they’ll fix the problem in the next patch.


Here’s to hoping it is fixed soon because that is ridiculous and made me mad.


I feel you… It’s terrible when you are in a challenging and strategic battle and then when you have the upper hand at the decisive moment a bug ruins everything…


Maybe your Pyroraptor was slowed down?


Just adding my observation/experience: The Speed priority indicator is glitchy in the new update, but it is just a visual glitch. If you dino is actually faster/higher level, it will go in first irrespective of what the indicator states.

Based on your example, looks like your pyro might have been hit by a speed reducing move. Thagomizer/decelerating moves are applicable for 2 turns even if the opponent dino dies. A Superiority strike would be still applicable for 1 more move if the opponent dino dies after casting it.


What did I just say about that in my original statement?


Reread my original statement.


I was facing this person yesterday and he got the first move on me, dont know how when my dino is higher level and faster


See, this is what I’m talking about here. This is what happened, though mine was damaged and had no debuff…No speed debuff, no damage debuff. Nothing. She killed the dino before it could hit her and yet the other pyro still went first.


It is probably a glitch, there is no such thing as a game that is 100% perfect


It is happening with me too. I enjoy game because of the battle strategy but with such “random - gambling” it is impossible :frowning:


When you killed his 2nd dino, he automatically puts out his 3rd dino. If you then swapped yours in, you lose a turn hence he gets to go first regardless if your same dino is of a higher level becos swapping consitutes as a turn.


No no no. His pyro KILLED my dino. I brought my pyro back. He swapped her out for another. My pyro was faster than his dino that was swapped out for. She hit twice and killed it. No speed debuffs, no damage debuffs. His pyro came out and was faster.


The only time I did was at the beginning and it was to a tankier dino to take care of his second dino and to keep pyro alive, because she wouldn’t be able to survive the encounter.


Oops! Then you got short changed but it does happen all the time. I’ve struck first with slower dinos but then again I can’t complain when my faster dino gets whacked first. It is afterall Ludia, remember?


Yep, I was curious if this was intentional (ie: some hidden game mechanic) or a bug. I got the answer I needed. lol