Dino stampede with Mods!

Just had to throw this out. Toxin is hilarious for this. Though it crashed the game a few times, after three turns I had no more opponents.

Sure a great effect but for me it would be a waste of this valuable mod.

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For those of us that can’t spend DBs on buying mods, so only have common and rare ones, I’d sure like to hear how those of you that completed this went at it.

I’m a little confused earlier mine showed it as a mod battle versus 8 opponents and now its 9 opponents but no mods, has anyone else’s changed?

My rules were “mods x 0” :roll_eyes:

Yeah, mine was no mods either. I just wasted using my 3 best dinos on this, and lost as I ALWAYS do on these “defeat a zillion other dinosaurs with your 3” type of events. I just cannot figure them out.