Dino stats update

My bad. I thought his attack was buffed as well. I tried deleting the post, but I cant. Gorgosuchus’ stats at level15 is the same though. I wonder if anyone compared at higher level.

Their patch note said this creature will get 880 atk in lv26.
But mine is higher than 26, still get lower than 880 atk.:rage:

@Ned @John please explain this? Definitely a bug.

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Hey Tarbosaurus, the stats from the patch notes reflect the dino when it’s evolved to the maximum level. I hope that cleared things up.

Edit: Apologies everyone for the confusion! It seems that the creatures re-balancing posted for the 1.5 patch notes were indeed for when the creature is at level 26. If you notice any other discrepancies between the notes and the in-game creatures, please let us know. Our team can be reached here at support+forums@ludia.com.

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What??? Everyone was lead to believe that stats you give are at Level 26! When did this change???

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That’s totally wrong, ok?
Don’t want to be angry, but that’s the truth.:rage:
You can even see the stats in lv29, it will be 869 atk.
And 912 in lv30, never be 880.

All the other dinos are given lv26 stats renew info in patch note.
No way Majunda would be the only exception.
This is a bug, and need to be fixed.


[moved from Diloracheirus HP NOT increased]

Hello Ludia,

In the 1.5 patch notes, it was mentioned that Diloracheirus will have a HP increase. However, the HP is NOT increased. It was 3450 at lvl 26 before the update and it is still 3450. Can you fix the mistake?

Thank you!


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If you check the patch note, it said buff HP to 3450
And…that so called buff, actually got nothing difference with pre ver.1.5 HP.

So…yes, this is literally a fake buff notification.:roll_eyes:
They actually not predict to change its HP. Just don’t know why accidentally add this describe into patch note.

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Same for Gorgosaurus, don’t see any change in the stats, both attack and HP

I know. :confused: I still believe it meant to be 3540. ^^

@Jorge may you be able to clarify?


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Was Trystonix supposed to be buffed to 124 speed? I thought that was its pre update speed.

Yes the speed was suppose to go to 124

Please please fix this! It needs health after the move change.


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Tryo used to be 120

Yea patch notes are based on level 26. Not max level. Jorge is wrong about that.


but they never admit they are wrong…

I dont need them to. I know hes wrong on this particulat instance. The stats are and always have been defaulted at level 26. Not max level

I don’t know why @Ned didn’t reply my following correction, and @Ren fused my post into other not tightly related thread, so my opinion won’t be focused anymore.
But still I’ll gonna do more describe. Could @Jorge notice this one?

First, let’s prove that patch note take lv26 stats as baseline.

Here’s a piece of patch note:
It mentioned I-raptor and Monomimus. Good thing I have both on lv26. Let’s check.

Indoraptor lv26

Monomimus lv26

Both fit in with the patch note health amount. So we can say, all dinos are given lv26 stats change in patch note.

Then here’s Majundasuchus They said it will gain 880 atk.

Here’s my Majundasuchus after update. We just saw that before.

Hmm… a dino promised to be 880 atk in lv26, but even lower in lv28?

I could make a chart of **How this creature’s atk will be around lv26~30:
lv26 750
lv27 788
lv28 827
lv29 869
lv30 912

Not even any statistic here match that mentioned 880 atk.

If this hybrid really got that promised 880 atk, the chart must be:
lv26 880
lv27 924
lv28 970
lv29 1019
lv30 1070

So there’s 158 atk missed in maximum level here.
Could you please judge if this is a bug, or your patch note got some problem?

I also sent a customer service report for this issue yesterday, still waiting for reply.
Think I’m feeling disappointed and tired for this, but Majundasuchus is one my favorite hybrid in this game.
I felt really glad when I noticed it will gain the atk buff on ver.1.5, but now totally ruined.

Because the really mounted data is, you didn’t give that promised buff, and even slightly nerf health without any notification.
Hope we could able to know when will this been changed.

I’m sorry about the delay @Tarbosaurus. I’ve looked over all the information you’ve provided, and I’ve brought it up directly to our team. They’re currently investigating, and once there is more information we’ll be sure to try and give an update to everyone. In the meantime, if you notice this with any other creatures as well, could you please share your findings with us here? Thanks!

Dont forget dilos hp.