Dino team training ground

I really hope we soon get a training/testing ground for our team!

When I want to test possible new dinos for my team or get to know the new dinos I must use the friendly but there aren’t always people to play against and you don’t always get the dinos you want and need to test…

Anyone else who thinks it could be useful?


Hey there, @Dino84! Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll be sure to pass this idea along to our developers.


Super!! Would be a cool thing to get info the game!

Another idea for friendlies could be the ability to use or not use teams at normal strength. Doesn’t help strategy if your lvl 15 is now 26 or your 28 with boosts is now 26 without. It’s a nice thing to have but I think the ability to friendly with normal team will help with learning what you have. Just make it when someone challenged you you select accept lvl 26, accept normal, or decline

Yeah, that is the most important thing! Use dinos as they are in your team/game is the Only way to learn how and who to use…

And another useful thing would be the opportunity to have 2-3 team line-ups to choose from. Then it’s possible to fast switch between A team to friendly/tournamnet team👍🏻

Yes. Have 3 to 5 presets. That way you can switch on the fly between teams so you don’t have to change for tourneys. 3 may be a good trial