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Dino Thunder squad is recruiting

We are looking for more than casual players over 3k in points. Pref lvl 20 We are not hardcore ie 10 incubators a day. But everyone does their part. We finish in the top 200 of tournament and are aiming higher this month. We are on discord so reach out Wanda#5659 we don’t take blind requests.

Friendly discord
Ark alliance x3 lvl 20 sancs
Apex raids help and special server due to rarity so you can link up with others
T8 4 week. T9 5 week normally in top 100

Seeking 1 player over 4k before tournament starts

We have 1spot open.
Member of Ark
x3 lvl 20 sancs
Pref 4 k. Plus
T8 4 week T9 5 week
Looking for long term members
10/8 weekly
Active friendly discord.
Help in raids
Must follow sanctuary rules and do tournament and have fun

We currently have 3 spaces must be on discord

X3 level 20 sanctuaries
Weekly rewards: 10/8
Tournament: 8/9
Dedicated raid servers

Dedicated players
Daily players
Tournament players
Prefer over 3k trophies
Must join our discord server
Be active on communication