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Dino Tweeking and Fixing

Hello again my friends, we are here today to see what dinos/hybrids need fixing, and put our Ideas in the space below.

Here is the
first couple of dinos I’ve seen that need fixed.

  • Sacroc
  • Procerat
  • All cerotopsians
  • Indo gen 2

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Honestly, cerotopsians don’t all need to have the cleanse, speed boost, and healing ability.


I’m tied between Prorat and ceratopsians

So, what needs to happen for indo 2 to be less, op

Just lose the speed up on cautious strike so It can get revenge killed easier

Ludia’s Priority: Indo G2
When its taken care of, they should return the ceratopsians into its former glory. Missed the days when people boosted and level up insane sinos and enias. I would know because I leveled up my enia into lvl 18. This was due to the fact that I had basically tons and tons of DNA from the og Alliance Missions

Maybe get rid of procerat insta distract.

Nah it deserves it because Orni has it

Why do you want to touch the ceratopsians and sarco? They’re fine

I agree sarco is fine, but ceratopsians are definitely not. Though its not the highest of priorities (like Indo G2), it needs to be returned to its former use, a tank that has high damage and semi-decent speed

So, here is a poll to see what nerf procerat needs.

  • Health nerf
  • Attack nerf
  • Speed nerf
  • No distracting R
  • No insta distract
  • No evasive stance
  • Other

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The ceratosians are now the bulky swap-ins. They’re not broken or horrendous. Sure, they’re not as good as they used to be, but they went from one good niche to another

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How is imitating dracoceratops a positive thing?

Ok, so everyone agrees on a health nerf, what should its health be at lvl 30 instead of what it is now, should it be like velociraptor, where it is 100 above its health, or take a third of its health away?

Same for attack, should it be 100 away from its health, or a third or so taken away.

  • A third of its health gone
  • A third of its attack gone
  • More like velociraptor

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I think that it’s tooooo much maybe 3000 like proceratosaurus

At level 26

Taking away prorats immunity would fix it

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Nah, too extreme.

If you go by the “rules”, Procerathomimus deserves around 2900 HP (it’s Immune, so it should have less health than its non-immune component, it’s health also wasn’t nerfed when evasion was buffed). It has really high attack and speed, so that wouldn’t be too crazy.

But 3000 should be fair enough.

The moveset can stay the same until someone has a better idea.