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Dino Tyme Empire and Dino Tyme World are looking for a serious member

Dino Tyme Empire and Dino Tyme World are looking for a few more serious players! I hope to find people who are willing to join our Facebook group and chats to have the communication that we need to succeed . We are apart of Ark, so we will maintain 3 lvl 20 sanctuaries as long as people can follow the rules.
We always reach Rank 8 (4weeks)-Rank 9(5weeks tournament) in alliance Championship. We also always get 10/10 for weekly mission.

Please consider joining us!

Our rules :

  1. Don’t create sanctuary
  2. Don’t place any creature in lvl 20 sanctuaries
  3. Collect 10 takedown + reach 800 trophies (if possible) from tournament
    Note : at least you should have 4500+ trophies unless you love tournament and play much we can make a consideration.
    Contact : Forsaken468#0791 via discord or you can just comment in this thread or DM me .
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Can I join?

I’m only at the fourth areena but with your help I will be able to level up

Im really sorry, but your trophies is too low (cant participate in tournament which is crucial to our alliance point)

We still have a few spots in Dino Tyme Empire

So can I join the other one

Absolutely love that video! Nice job Ozora.

Thank you, one of our member Made that