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Oh ludia why. Back in November of 2019 (i think) you changed how dinosaur unlocks were handled. You wouldn’t unlock a new battle stage giving you a new creature anymore but you would only unlock some specific ones and the rest of the rewards would be DNA or random packs. To compensate for that you said that the rest of the “original” creatures would be unlocked through special events. Now you would ask: Yes everyone knows that what is your point?. Well the problem is that we barely get those events. Since you can’t unlock most creatures anymore through battle stages you can only hope that the creature you want to max out, or to unlock to complete your collection or make a new hybrid will be the next battle event. Creatures like schapognathus and metriarynchus have only been in those events only 0-1 times from what I recall. This update ruined game progression in my opinion. One of my friends has been playing the game for a month now and is on the verge of quiting since he just can’t unlock any new Dinos. Most of the hybrids he wants to make or start working towards require Dinos that have not been on any events. Who knows he might have to wait months, heck even years to unlock ankylosaur or something (not saying that ankylosaur has not been on any battle events. Just giving an example). Ludia there are 2 ways you can fix this: 1 Either you bring the old system back or 2 you make Dinosaur unlock events more common. I am not talking about monsters of the deep or events that unlock you aquatic creatures, we get those often. I am talking about events that give you normal Jurassic dinosaurs. Make them appear every 2-3 days. Make it so we can vote on what creature we want to see next heck I don’t know do whatever you want. Just try to balance it out so players can max out creatures without grinding battle arenas for hours hoping they get a Dino they need or without spending any real money. Anyway rant over.

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To the most part, I agree that Ludia did make a very terrible desicion locking some Commons, Rares, etc.

Now before you read the further post, I’m also a Post Reshuffle player like you so I know how you feel.

It’s not wise to assume this hinders progress. In fact, being a Post 2019 player has just the one disadvantage which is these particular unlocks. However I do not see any other way your progress is hindered. Once again, I myself am one such player so I can relate.

Most of us here, VIP or non, have made Dominator finishes in less than a year of playing. In fact now it’s definitely easier to win Tournaments than it was before.

After a point, you won’t feel the need for these unlocks except for collector’s purposes/sentimental value. This particular point, I would say, is level 60 and above.

Once you start unlocking Clash Of Titans and save up creatures (hybrids, legendary and Solid Gold), and when you start winning in Dominator, your progress is quite smooth after that.

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Actually, jurassic unlocks in my opinion actually come at a steady pace. May not be as common as youd like, but usually after every tournament, thered be an unlock for a jurassic creature. And based on your example, as someone who has been playing since october post reshuffle (ive also been able to sneak into dom since janurary) have had multiple opportunities to unlock ankylosaur.

not that i disagree with you, as i was feeling exactly the same way and your friend felt during my first few months also, but i just had to deal and use whatever i had on me and just go with the flow and accept it. But also, dont forget to have fun and do not rush, as that was how i felt also, but now realised that this game was meant to be played as a long term game (if that makes sense)

Btw, best way to progess is try get your unlocked legendaries to level 40 but also make sure as you do so, your lineup is balanced as unbalanced lineups can make your game progress pretty difficult eg.: when doing events.

But thats just how i play.

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Post-shuffle too there. There are mnay folks that told Ludia those things. But Ludia seems to don’t wanna hear. And if Ludia doesn’t wanna hear, Ludia will lose many players.

Ludia might not lose that many players. This is only a short term disadvantage to general progress. I’ve been on the Forum and the Game for almost a year, I’ve seen many people unhappy with the unlock event irony and even threatening to quit JWTG but still stayed and made progress.

Myself being one of them.

Ludia KNOWS that this isn’t something that will cause many players to quit. Also, this doesn’t affect a lot of the players namely Pre Reshuffle ones, and Post Reshuffle players who have enough copies for maxing or have gotten over it.

Ludia will only hear complaints that have major consequences such as the time when Dino Bucks were taken out from the Trade Harbor, players ACTUALLY quit and cancelled their subscriptions thus they repealed this horrible desicion.

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So players being immensely unhappy with the game while continuing to play it by paying ludia their vip subscription money does not have any influence on the decisions made by ludia? That is I’m sorry to say ONE OF THE MOST TERRIBLE WAYS TO RUN ANY COMPANY. I can quote a few examples here like - Earth Shattering events level locked dinos (some high level players need common unlocks which they cant get because of the weird level lock - I personally feel once you’ve reached 60/55+ you should be given a choice of the dino you want to unlock instead of forcing you to the preassigned one), the TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PLAYABLE BOSS UPDATE ALONG WITH THE TERRIBLE REWARDS FOR PLAYING WITH IT, also regular PvP wheel is also not worth the time, anything apart from VIP you need to purchase in this game you’d have to give up a fortune for a MOBILE GAME which is definitely not a good marketing strategy to get more players to purchase packs lol. Lets be honest ludia doesnt care until we stop putting bucks in their pockets.

If the only way Ludia is going to revert anything back or hear us is we stop putting money in their pockets I’m sorry to say that the game will die eventually as people will get frustrated with and move onto other games.

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Why do you twist my words? I did admit earlier itself that it was a terrible desicion by Ludia?

You have Common and Rare Unlock Weeks for that if you were above the level cap.

I agree.

I agree.

…I don’t agree. Most players tend to look at long term gameplay like Tournament creatures, hybrids and Superhybrids. Ludia didn’t do anything unfair with these three.

Once again, I myself am a Post Reshuffle player. I am only saying this with experience.

Wow damn you do know how to do quite a few tricks on the forums :rofl:
Quickly googles how to become as good as Fury :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I’m not twisting your words, its just I’ve seen people lament about a lot of stuff thats actually bad for the game on the forums as I’ve already mentioned in the previous post, its just that its frustrates me when the game could be so much more but they decide to turn a blind eye to the lamentations of the players :frowning: especially new players since this game could definitely use some extra influx of new players. We dont want new players quitting because of some bad policy decisions :confused:

I agree with the common and rare unlock week, but they are not as common as weekly earth shattering events, although we just had a rare unlock week.

Mobile games actually kinda have a bit of a lower shelf life and they tend to lose out their charm after a while(take JWA forums and JWTG forums for example). Not a whole lot who start continue till the very end, so it does help if the developers listened to what the community actually wants.


I wholeheartedly agree that Ludia’s desicion of locking those Base Creatures was very horrible. Pre Reshuffle players can buy a Tuojiangosaurus with one click of the DNA purchase option, while Post Reshuffle players have to either shell 550 DBs or get lucky on the Prize Wheel/Packs. :roll_eyes:

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Laughs in 1750 DB for Pyroraptor.

Quietly cries in the corner after purchasing a few copies for the coveted Dimetrocarnus superhybrid and watching the DB reserves go poof

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Ay. Pyroraptor was a bad one for me too. :joy: I bought many with the DBs for instant hatch.

Now I have enough to have made Carnoraptor, max another and with 6 copies left… But it took a very long time. And out of these, 2 or 3 were from the 700 bucks offers.

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I chose to stay inspite of these (probably because I’m a dino freak :stuck_out_tongue: - not a whole other bunch would I believe) because I knew after a month or two I’d have the required copies I need to make carnoraptor. I did collect about 5/6 from events/prize wheels and bought 1 off the 700 bucks offer. So it wasn’t a big deal. But I had to wait to make my first Superhybrid even though I had SDNA for a few copies since I didnt want to spend a lot on buying the DB instant hatches.

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I see @Wilson is replying.
I know you have Pyroraptor unlocked…

Warning : Flex coming up… :joy:


Sorry to be so blunt but if you don’t like it, don’t play the game. Ludia knows what they’re doing and the fact you’re missing some unlocks should be a motivator to keep playing. I’m a pre shuffle player and I don’t even notice I have it all to buy when I want as I’ve got bigger goals than a Tuojiangosaurus.

Laughs in $100 packs and amazing rewards for boss battles


Now, why would you say something like that? Each product in the market need to evolve and improve in order to stay in the market - or to be even more successful/profitable. Ludia and their players are in a business relation, each of two parties has benefits of it. Players are paying to Ludia (via VIP subscription), watching adds, marketing via social networks etc… so they have every right to suggest or even complain.
The fact that you are satisfied with the game doesn’t give you right to pontificate or lecture anyone this way!
Ludia is not a “sacred cow” not to be questioned or even criticized by its customers!

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Couldn’t agree more, well written :100:

Of course people can make suggestions I never said they couldn’t but when it’s the same complaint brought up over and over which has already been addressed by Ludia employees through this forum, it gets a bit stale doesn’t it? Especially when it’s done in a way that it sounds like you’re throwing your toys out the pram. I don’t pay for VIP or anything else in this game so I don’t have any expectations. That’s not a dig to those who do pay for VIP because that’s the players choice and Ludia rewards those VIP players with a lot of benefits that I don’t ever see.

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Exactly, there’s obviously people buying those packs or they wouldn’t be there thus, Ludia knows exactly what they are doing. $$$

We can talk about validity of various complaints… some of those are maybe justified in our opinion, some of them are not. And I am not even talking about that particular one as I am not very interested in common and rare unlocks: I have my own (different) goals and targets to pursue.
What bothers me is “take it or leave it” approach which is both insulting and unproductive. If complaints are repetitive - it doesn’t necessary mean they are not valid. Also, it seems that one can be heard only if if can be loud, important (to the listener) or if he repeat the question/complaint many times…
When Ludia forum is in question - first two options are probably not very plausible…