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Dino Unlock Events

You might not like the approach but it’s not wrong. If you find the time to complain so much about something, you have to ask is it worth all the negative energy towards it? I’m British where it’s in our blood to moan and complain about things so I understand it but repeating constant complaints only makes this forum more toxic by the day. I haven’t been on the forums long but I find myself steering clear of it most days now because it feels like such a downer. Maybe the "Vent your frustration’ thread should be stickied to the top of the page for these exact reasons?

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I maxed one in few months of playing

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This is a totally fair complaint, which has not adequately been answered on why it is this way… we’ve just been told this is the way it is live with it.

But if we can’t make suggestions on improving the gameplay then why are we here? To pat Ludia on the back?

Instead of seeing this as a stale complaint I see it as an important one due to the number of different people that have brought it up. It is obviously a sore spot with players.

Since we don’t directly interact with other players the goals of the game are up to the individual player, and as I would classify this as a collection game it doesn’t make sense for the Lydia to arbitrarily restrict the non VIP dinos for the foreseeable future.

Part of my goals were to get every non hybrid Dino at 40 and unlock each hybrid but since that is not going to happen in a reasonable amount of time I will stop playing before it happens.

Instead, if they were all unlockable I would be spending more time and DNA in the game for them… I’m not going o be stiff armed to spend money on them because they are not in the unlock rotation.

I think it’s quite cheeky as well they introduced a new aquatic hybrid with a locked component while giving you the option to buy it for a ridiculous price. That’s just so obviously a money grab.


I support the request for unlock events. My say in this is that there is not enough voice (!) regarding this issue as most (?) players don’t seem to be affected by it that is why Ludia isn’t really much bothered to do anything about it.

Had they locked it for the entire JWTG playerbase including Pre Reshuffle players, there would definitely have been more outrage.


OK, let’s not exaggerate :slight_smile: “All the negative energy”, “if you find time to complain to much”… these are rather strong words, aren’t they? I can’t see any negative energy being displayed by complaining about some aspects of the game someone doesn’t like. It’s normal process in the business.
Also, speaking about “finding time”… I think all of us are wasting huge amount of time on the game itself, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem either.

If I would use the same advice you gave earlier, should I say: “well, if someone’s constant complains bothers you - don’t read the forum”?
That doesn’t sound very polite nor it does solve any problems… it just annoys you. So, that is basically my point

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Very very very wise words

Extremely poor move by Ludia right there. I was shocked as well as a little angry :sweat_smile: seeing the real cash option for buying Elasmosaurus, they did not even bother to give an unlock event for it in recent days. It has been almost 2 years I think since they gave an Elasmosaurus unlock.

Now ofc I don’t really mind Ludia making a hybrid of locked creatures but they should at least give an opportunity for the unlock in the near future, for example Elasmosaurus. Even though I would not make Geolasmosaurus anytime soon if I had Elasmosaurus unlocked or not, this was a very bad move from Ludia’s side.

Same with Dimetrocarnus and Pyroraptor.

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Its called money grab mate and its not a wise feature to support the game in the long run. Its better to have a system where more players buy stuff cheaply instead of just one player buying expensive stuff. If that one player quits the entire game isnt funded. So it makes economic sense to not follow such steps in the long in the interest of the company.

By quoting your own words, if you dont like the forums dont visit the forums. Stay out of it. Sorry to be blunt, but that was your own advice for us, if we didnt like the game to not play it.

You’d only understand how much this policy of Ludia slows down every new player if only you were a post re-shuffle player. Having a locked creature as a comparatively cheap superhybrid and releasing a new aquatic hybrid which hasn’t had a unlock in years just screams MONEY GRAB

I’m well aware it’s a money grab but it is working so Ludia isn’t going to change a thing. I’m not saying I agree with it either but this is the age we live in, no amount of complaining will change that.

I don’t dislike the forums either, I said that I steer clear of it most days because of all the moaning. I might be a pre shuffle player but up until last year, I hadn’t touched the game since I first played it in 2014 so as you can imagine, I missed out on a LOT of unlocks but I don’t feel the need to shout about it because that’s the way it is. I am fine with the thought that they will come around one day and until that time, I’ll focus on something else. This game is about the long game, no quick fixes.


I agree this is a long game and we have to be patient about getting stuff. Maybe a stir in the forums once in a while will make Ludia think if they did the right thing it will also make them more cautious about the upcoming updates. If we do nothing about whatever Ludia does, that is not beneficial for both the parties in the long run as neither are we satisfied with the game nor will the game developer ever know if it has a good satisfied player base rather than just a money grab.


This isn’t something Ludia can ignore. It’s something that’s been complained about for about a year now. Hopefully it gets resolved sooner.

That’s my point, it has been complained but there hasn’t been enough voice to support it. Only Post Reshuffle players, that too many among which have gotten over the unlock system irony, have raised voice against it but sadly most other players didn’t that is why it is being comparitively ignored in contrast to other issues like bugs, glitches, etc.