Dinobucks purchase history?

I wish we could see a dinobucks purchase history. I’m down about 200 from yesterday and the only things I intentionally buy are coins and very rarely an incubator speedup which would never be above 30 as I don’t like spending dinobucks on speed ups.

I checked inventory and I don’t have an accidental Rare Scent (cost: 200) and my dart count is still below 140 so I know a couple accidental dart purchases have not been made. Those are the only purchases that would match the missing amount as anything else would have been much more or much less. I also have not been close enough to an epic strike event to accidentally pay for a 2nd attempt.

I have not intentionally spent that amount so this leaves me wondering why 200 dinobucks have disappeared?

Did you retry the epic strike tower for 200 bucks?

No, This has been since last night and I haven’t been close enough to an Epic strike tower to activate it intentionally or accidentally. I don’t second attempt strike towers anymore anyways.

Hey James_Simmons, if you emailed our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, our team might be able to see where you might have spent your Cash. If you could also provide the date and time of when you noticed the difference in the amount of Cash you had, it’ll be really helpful to our team. Thanks!