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Dinodex - The Final Stretch

I’m down to the last 4 and spent a couple hundred K coins to burn all DNA I had towards each of these. I’m working on Smilonemys actively now but think I’m going to come up short on Patchy with all the unlucky 10’s and few 20’s I’ve had so far. I’m growing turtle DNA in the sanctuaries at the same time getting my daily’s so I can almost do one fuse a day most the time till the end of this month, then slow to a crawl but may turn to work on another instead.
When we can do the birds in the sanctuary’s I’ll stop to finish up Orion first and go from there.

Other than this, I’m beginning to fight losing interest for other real life fun that has come along so I am only focusing on this account only and barely touching the other. I would like to finish the dinodex but not sure I’ll have the drive to complete it.


Good luck ^^

I understand your feelings as I do have the same kind of motivation problems occurring. I’m 120 DNA short of Smilonemys to complete the Dinodex, have beaten Lord Lythronax in the campaign mode and soon will have one L30 Unique. I do not like arena battling and do not care much about sanctuaries. So I guess I will wait and see about new Dinos in 1.11, but maybe quit the game afterwards because of lack of any new goals :thinking:

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I have 2 left to collect my main goal in the game is complete the collection so unless new ones in next update unsure what I do soon

I am 20 away from creating Smilonemys. It’s the last creature I have left to create (can’t believe I’m even at this point :hushed:). As exciting as it is, it also been a somewhat frustrating journey because I’ve run out of Pachycephalosaurus DNA again. It makes me so sad when I finally get the 50 Smilocephalosaurus DNA that I need for fusing and then get 10 for Smilonemys. :disappointed_relieved: I hope when I finally create my Dinodex that I can focus on creatures that I would like to level up or dart creatures that I feel my alliance might need. :slightly_smiling_face:

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