DinoInt is on the Hunt for New Recruits!

DinoInt is an international alliance full of supportive, informative, high-spirited players. Need help in raids? Want a taste of high level mission and tournament rewards? Hoping for more Creature DNA?

Then Join DinoInt!


  • Level 10 Minimum Player Level
  • 10 Weekly Tournament Kills
  • Daily Active Participation in Missions
  • Active in Group Discord
  • Respect Sanctuary Rules
  • Support DNA Requests as Much as Possible!
  • Be Respectful & Courteous!

We Offer…

  • Mission Incubators Level 7 or Higher
  • Tournament Rewards Tier 7 or Higher
  • Multi-Alliance Sanctuaries
  • Multi-Alliance Raid Coordination
  • Generous & Supportive Veterans Willing to Support Others with DNA, Team Buildint Advice, and Raids
  • A Fun and Friendly, Internationally Diverse, Multilingual Community!

Contact lTeslal at lAceofHeartsl#9780 to Join!

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What do you do exactly through Discord? I’m active in-game, looking for an alliance to join to help break my current trophy limit but have never really done communication outside of the game itself.

Thanks for reaching out!

We’d love to help support you in breaking through to a higher trophy count! We have several members that have earned your trophy score or higher, so you would fit right in.

Communicating with members through Discord has several advantages, namely making it easier for us to grow stronger faster. We overall find it to be more effective than the in-game chat:

  • Requests for raid participation are more likely to be answered faster (with the added bonus of coordination and strategies shared among members for the battle plan)!
  • Sanctuary creatures yield higher DNA outcomes. We work in tandem with a few other alliances to boost specific sanctuaries with specific creatures, which change depending on what our creatures our members want to see more DNA from.
  • General discussion channels allow you to share strategies with stronger or struggling members for PvP or tournaments.
  • If you have an emergency or need to be inactive because of things going on in your life, we’re guaranteed to see the message rather than miss it in the in game chat scroll.
  • And sometimes folks just share Goofy dino related memes or chat nonsense! There are folks there from all parts of the world and from all walks of life. We keep the vibes high!

Understandably, as it is out-of-game-communication, I can assure you that the dialogue and discourse is strictly appropriate. We have a solid team of leaders, co-leaders, and officers that help to keep things on the up and up.