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DinoL3o: Join a 5/5 Team with TWO Level 20 Sanctuaries

If this post isn't updated then please go to the last post in this thread to see if recruitment is actively open

If you like what you see here then fire a post below or send a direct message. (5/5 with TWO Level 20 Sanctuary. We have plans to create the next one in 4 days (done), then 3 (done), then 2, then 1)

We do not race to finish the alliance goals but we do get it done with proper strategy. Sanctuary is only getting better. Caveat: with the changes in Boosts 2.0 we are prepared!

When you start refining the team and fill up the spots with folks that get strategy this is what you get:

Typical candidates:

  1. Play daily, both exploration/defense tasks OR understands the strategy and makes up for it
  2. Use discord weekly and as needed as strategy changes may happen
  3. Chat in game and discord if needed

No minimum trophies. For more info you can read up on our old recruit post which the title is misleading but it’s not our fault we cannot edit the thread. So this thread will be our new recruit thread.

If you’re still active in JWA and want to work with a team of organized folks, chat beyond JWA, learn a few things from our resident Paleontologist, then join us!

still recruiting?

looking to join

@Pateradactyl @Draego8888 hey there, sorry been busy! How are you guys doing? Yes there are plenty of spots opening up in a week! Would you like to join what we have coming? Sanctuary is the drive of free DNA now. Defense 5 is starting to fade as it’s value and time/effort for 100 epic/300 rare/1000 common gain for the last rank is recovered via having a level 20 sanctuary in a few days. Nonetheless, improving the overall teamwork is priority no.1. Would like to have folks that share and understands the simple daily minimums of the strategy set by Ludia inherently. Communication is the key to ensuring smooth execution of the tasks and goals.

Hope to see you around the corner!


Hi, are you still recruiting? Been looking to find an alliance with 4 spots open (including me) for very active players. Thanks!

also still recruiting?

Are u still recruiting? I want to join.

would like to join! daily player :slight_smile:

I hope everyone has found a good alliance by now. I apologize for lack of activity for the past week. I was swamped with school and a bit of shift in team members but I have time today! lol

People come and go all the time! But as of now the team has been filled up (we took in some friends we have worked with in terms of sanctuaries).

@Lostinwonderland that sounds great but not at this time. But hey if you want me to hold your interests in the queue let me know!

Same goes for @Da_true_Carnokiller, @Pourq61, @inlikesin. If you are patient enough just let me know because I do keep your spot in the queue. As of now, there are none lol.

im out. found an alliance. thx


Hi DinoL3o

If you get another opening, I would like to be considered.


Well hiya there again,

Who wants to join the team that can produce two level 20 sanctuaries in less than a week? We are a very active team and would like anyone that play daily or looking to learn from one of the best teams on the forum so post your interest or shoot me a direct message.

Looking for another great teammate (1), who’s next?


@Pateradactyl I’m sure you’ll pass right? Lol

Any free agent (1) interested in being a part of this?

When you do things right this is how you earn it the hard way:

We are still a 5/5 team:


Soooo mean :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: hahaha

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I can’t recommend them enough!! Anyone looking for a super active and involved alliance…this is the one!!! Love you guys!!!


It was sad…we hated to see you go…what’s the other part…think it’s but we loved to watch you leave?

@Dilo no one can really replace you but know the (1) above has some big shoes to fill in.

Don’t be a stranger! Happy hunting as always!


That was sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: gonna miss y’all. Happy hunting nerds!!!


I miss you already @Dilo!! Who’s going to help me tease @User1? Friendlies date you and me soon, need to do some practicing for this GamePress challenge that is coming!




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Haha, now you have to tease me twice as hard as before now that Dilo left :joy:

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