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Dinolord Checking in with a update! New alliance!

I’ve been checking out JWA lately and everything for new update seems decent. I’m slowly coming back as I’ve returned back to my home town and can play again. This being said I’ve started a new alliance and looking for TEAM MANAGERS and Players that can enjoy the game have fun! Stress free !

Targets are what they will be for now.
Level 20’s will be accepted . Also any players that want to have a sanctuary’s manager role to motivate others forward and guide the placements.

Honestly restrictions are not many as of now.
Main focus is gaining players for alliance missions.

Experience below

Creator and past leader of TOP500 alliance of which I gave the role up and went to ApexPredators last summer . Must say I’ve met some amazing players in this game and carry great experience and have learned a lot from ApexPredators ! So a shout out to them! Thank you!

TOP500 has some amazing loyal players that I know have been there from the start which is amazing too!

I bring organization to this alliance I will find players for specific roles in the alliance. We will communicate ViA discord or Facebook but for now till players arrive through alliance chat!

If you want to join please message me honestly looking for at least 5 experienced players that can handle roles like my own in alliance. We are all equal !

Team work !

The most Obvious!
Absolutely no cheaters if spotted you’ll be removed from alliance right away at minimum.

Dinolord - Apply Today

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Hey Dinolord great to see you playing again I wish you all the best

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Thank you ! Short break but back ! :slightly_smiling_face: