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Dinolord is Officially back to Jurassic World Alive!

Some newer players might not know me but I was a heavy daily player top spots since beta finish for this game .

-I played then the alliances update came and I started the TOP500 of which I’m back with as a member.

—A shout out to them for where they are and how much they have grown !

  • ApexPredators I wanted to shout out to you also and all the players there!

I’m reworking my Teams applying boosts and I will be featuring videos on YouTube.

Please add me and let’s get some raids in.
I will be doing Skill based tourneys and shared on Dinolord’s Official YouTube for JWA.

I have old gameplay videos and will be screen recording some amazing match ups .
Also I will do videos for information purposes to help give advice to new players and even old.

Just wanted to share I’m coming back and with something to give back.

Add me in game and on discord server if you like also.
*Don’t forget to shout out here on thread !

Dinolord OUT ! :sunglasses:




My name says it all :stuck_out_tongue:

Big Shout Out!!! Good to have ya back…Now git good… :sunglasses:

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

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It’s awesome you’re back, DL! A true legend.

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Are you Ben?

You made top 500. Why aren’t you leader.

As I mentioned I’m returning. I had quit game a year ago . Also I do not want to be leader and the current team here are doing perfect :ok_hand:


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Ok. Ten character