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Dinolord is saying goodbye for now JWA!

Just wanted to send 1 last positive message thanking all of ApexPredators for an amazing time with them ! Ive met some great players not just in ApexPredators but in the game period!
-ApexPredators is a well organized and well managed alliance it still blows my mind away over how structured discord and managers are ect!
-They continue to push for positive game play for all player base !

  • cheaters one word for you and I can’t say it!
    We all know them and the alliance they all gather in at Black P ! Not just them but others !

-My whole time playing I’ve strived to be a leader starting TOP500 alliance when alliances came out ! I’ve met some great players in my time as a leader there and have respect for them all! Stay strong :muscle:

This game has had a lot of ups and down and inconsistency’s with updates like bugs and delays to name a couple.

I’ve paid to play here over the years and honestly was worth it all!

If you don’t know who I am I’m sure someone does around the game ! My hopes are to return down the road but at this point in time I have no idea when or if!

@Ludia_Developers get the cheaters out ! You have the capability to do this but dont put in 100%. Permanent bans must be issued period! No name changes and back into the season!

I darted on average 4-8 hours per day and these cheaters can do it with less effort and time or money. This game should be 1 shot and your banned! They make a new account they do again ban bye bye!

LUDIA - to some of the support here your amazing only a select few that don’t give an effort to help or they just ignore messages. Only some!

I love dinosaurs :t_rex: I LOVE Jurassic park/world movies and that brought me here!
Ludia listen to the player base that’s been here we all talk on discord and you should just listen to improvements needed!

I’ve managed to hold on to this game as a daily player since beta times and this is my Farewell for now !

Have fun ! Meet players not just here but JWA discord ! So many amazing people , players with great strategies !

Enjoy the game like I have! Push your Darting daily and a few bucks here and there! You will grow and grow ! Feed off of others Info is most important too😁

ApexPredators and TOP500 both of you i Salute and say till the next battle Day!

Dinolord OUT! :sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:


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