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Dinomite Fight Club now recuiting

Have 3 to 4 spots open after latest purge. Read our post and see if it works for you. And you may get a friend request from my alt account so dont deny it by accident

Edit. 2 spots left. We show only one but 1 is a alt that will get removed for active player

4 spots open this week. Need darters and those willing to get dbis

3 spots open in the alliance and possibly more to come in the next couple of days. We’re mainly looking for people willing to get their dbis done, but active darters are also welcome.

We have 9 spots open with the ability to make room for 10. On our way to 5/4 even with the missing players. Come check us out

Still have plenty of room. Dont let the number in alliance fool you. We have about 5 alt accounts running that we will gladly move for you. Come check us out. If not your cup of tea, take your rewards mon or Tues and try another. We ask that you communicate in chat, discord preferred but not mandatory, dart your 140 darts min, and 10 battles a day, which can be friendkies, arena, or campaign. We only ask dbi from most of members mon thru wed once we get to rank 3. We have enough members to get to rank 4. Our discord has many channels, some off topic lol

Still have room for 10 people. Come check us out.

archiving at op’s request