Dinomite Fight Club recruiting

We are an 8/7-8 alliance looking for daily players and especially battlers. We’ve a discord, but joining is not mandatory. Neither is chatting, but everyone is expected to read the chat and follow the occasional instructions.

Our goal is to get as high weekly reward tiers as possible with as little stress as possible. As such, we don’t require our members to treat the game like a job. If you play everyday and always do at least your daily missions and get your daily battle incubators, that is enough for us.

Come check us out. Even if you want to just hang out for a week to see if we are right for you. If not, take you rewards and happy hunting.

PM me for details on how to join. No level or trophy requirements but be active. Every little helps. Currently have room for 8 new members, with potentially more to come.

Hey there, I’m looking for an alliance for my buddy and I… Would you possibly have two slots for us, we are highly active players and contribute to both alliance missions and DNA requests. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sure, we’ve room. Just give me your ingame info so I can invite you or did you already request to join?

Really appreciated

Still room for 2 more members.

Room for 4 new members to replace those, who have stopped playing. Post here or PM me, if interested.

Room for 4 new members again and more opening soon. We’re currently headed for 8/8 alliance missions this week. Read the opening post for details and leave a reply or send a PM for an invite.