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Dinomite Fight Club

We are a typical 5/4 alliance except usually the rare mission. We have discord. We don’t have set limits but guidelines we ask to follow.

  1. Yes we use discord. It’s not mandatory but if you dont use it please be active in chat. We talk a lot about themed sanctuaries, to strike events, to donation requirements. If we catch anyone not following our requests we will kick, after multiple requests usually. Its helpful to join just so you can be on the same page or talk about other games and/or pets.

  2. We strive to be 5/4 every week, with usually the exception of rare DNA mission. We usually fall short. That being said we dont have hard limits that we screenshot, but we do ask you do your 5/4 part. That’s at least emptying your darts every day, Spinning what you can, requesting common dna to help with mission, and doing at least 10 battles a day.

  3. For battles we ask for 10 a day. That can be arena, friendly, strike events, or even campaign if they count. The only days we require dbis is mon thru Wednesday to help jump start us to rank 3 so we can have 4 to 5 days to finish 4. We also ask that if you can, save a dbi or 2 when the rollover happens to help us go faster. After we reach rank 3 def, you only need to do a dbi if we are lacking. But you should do it every day for the boosts.

  4. Communication is key. If you listen, do what you can, dart what you can, and help us with organization, you can help us out. We value communication as much as darts, battles, etc. Plus it’s more fun

Come check us out. Even if you want to just hang out for a week to see if we are right for you. If not, take you rewards and happy hunting.

PM me for details on how to join. No level limits but be active. Every little helps.

We currently have 5 open spots, but 2 inactives and a few alt accounts can be booted to make room for up to 10. Maybe more. Really could use some Darters that get their dbi regularly