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DinoNerd Misfits need you! We are recruiting!

Are you a daily player, looking for a fun top-tier alliance? DinoNerd Misfits wants you!
We are an alliance that is teamed up with 3 other top alliances who share knowledge and resources to try and help each other be the best alliances we can be! DNM is an international alliance with players all over the world :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

What do we offer you:
:zap:10/10 on weekly
missions :dna:
:zap:Tier 8 when 4 weeks, Tier 9 on 5 weeks for
tournaments :trophy:
:zap: 4 level 20 shared co-op sanctuaries, built quickly
by 21 alliances!
:zap: 200 members to do raids with
:zap: Lots of strategies for all Bosses!
:zap: 2 discords, 1 for raids and 1 for the
alliance chit chat and daily free cash links
:zap:dino vote channel every two weeks for
sanctuary builds :t_rex:
:zap: great donations :snake::turtle::sauropod:

What are we expecting from you:

:pray: active daily player, complete all towers and daily missions, do your DBI, battle frequently (we share strategies on how to do this quick and easy!), raid and help with raids, we want everyone to be able to get the raids they want to get done!
:pray: do your best to keep the alliance strong, and communicate! :muscle:
:pray: do your 10 takedowns in
tournament every week
:pray: no need to place dinos in sanctuaries, we have people who do that already. If you don’t know what co-op sanctuaries are, just ask!
:pray: Level 20 players are preferred, but all level players are welcome to apply. As long as you are willing to follow the alliance rules and grow as a player, you are welcome!
:pray: communication with your alliance mates and leadership is a must. That means discord is mandatory. We need to be able to reach you for important announcements and also to shout out your accomplishments!
:pray: but most of all, have fun in the
game and on discord :partying_face:

If you think this alliance sounds right for you, message: PSUnoriginality#0792 for US time or
Xander :belgium:#5967 for European time

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I’ll bookmark this if I need to join another alliance sometime

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Still need 3 more!
Do you want to join us?