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DinoPro seeks new members!

Hi! We are an alliance who always get to level 4-5 in the challenge and we have focus on always giving DNA tro each other to build up the alliance!

If you like to be active this is the alliance for you! :+1:t2::smiley:

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Im interested in joining, i have about 2500 trophies and im sick of being a main benefactor in my old alliance

Cool, What is your game name?


Need your number aswell…

Me and my wife are looking for a active guild, who reach lvl 4 or 5 in mission.
Highly active let me know if interested, both over 3k trophys

Wife and I just left alliance weve been in since beggining of game because alliance just fell on its face. Do you accept trophies in the 2600-2800 range?

#1337 my bad

No problem! Most important is that you are active and chatte DNA :smiley::smiley:

Invite sent!

Do you accept 4100 trophies. Generally very active.