Dinos/abilities that need nerfed?

Not trying to complain (much) but I think more dinos need abilities that can counter evade and rampage abilities need a longer cool down. As far as Brachiasaurus goes it needs nerfed completely. Armored (why?) and a TON of health with a shield ability that normally one shots most of my lower dinos or does huge damage. He also shouldn’t be faster than a T-Rex who could use a few more speed points himself IMO cause he shouldn’t be slower than half the dinos who, realistically, would weigh 3 times more than him. Also taunt attacks should cause distract, not damage. That’s just a dumb idea. It would balance out a lot of the issues people are having in PvP when they go up against dinos with broken abilities (greater healing also comes to mind. 1 round cool down to get a HUGE chunk of health?) Resistances aren’t bad but on certain dinos it makes them overpowered. Legendaries and Uniques I could understand but dinos that it seems almost everyone has? Not fun!!

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Brachiosaurus is ok, it supposed to have high health and it’s armor mainly comes from its shear bulk. Rexy could use some speed though. Why would taunt distract? It usually comes with shield so that already lowered damage and with some creatures it really would not benefit to have them distract as that would remove some counters. I’m guessing you mean resilient rampage needs a 2 turn cooldown? The thing is though is that it doesn’t really need one. If it did, the creatures that have it would become worse. Look at Queztorion after Nullifying Rampage got a 2 turn cooldown. It looked small, but that was a big nerf for it. Also, most of the creatures people dislike not because of taunt (it’s useless in the arena, plus there are few taunting attacks over 1x) but because of a combination of the creatures stats moves and resistances. Also arena just sucks now.


I completely disagree with the examples you used. Brachio is fine and can be easily slain if done right. Rampages are completely fine and lastly evasive abilities PLEASE DONT NERF THEM! The last thing we need is another cunning nerf or an indirect one. Evasion is easily bypassed with the right creatures.


They said counter evade, not evasive. I think they mean resilient rampage myself

There are other taunts that don’t cause damage so why would you keep it inconsistent?

I didn’t say nerf evade. The entire point of what I said is there aren’t many dinos that can counter it and lots of PvP players I fight have all evade teams so they win 90% of the time cause I do hardly any damage. Also I rarely win against Brachiasaurus so not sure what strategy you’d suggest. By the time I can get him down he’s obliterated my strongest dinos in 1 hit with his rampage attack. I usually just let the timer sit when I fight one. Not worth it.

Right now, in all fairness, I think only Monolometrodon, and possibly Sarcorixis should be in this conversation. Maybe Diplodocus as far as non-hybrids.


I think Woolly rhino is the worst offender as far as non hybrids are concerned


-monolometrodon (slight nerf)
-Sarcorixis (Medium/good nerf)
-Diplodocus (Medium/good nerf)
-Titanoboa (Slight nerf)
-Wooly rhino (Good/huge nerf)
-DC (Very slight nerf)
-Thylaco (Slight nerf)

The rest,i don’t really know.

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Thyla is fine tho, It isn’t oppressive in any tournaments even with all the underpowered epics there.


Most seemingly OP dinos right now stem from other dinos being underpowered. Titanoboa is super strong but if the sailbacks were faster and fierce dinos had more health it would be less of an issue.

Only OP thing right now from my memory is Woolly Rhino.


True, even sarcorixys could become balanced as It is If all the other epic hybrids were actually as strong as they should be. Many of them are bearing on pathetic. Too much discrepancy in a rarity to be able to do a tournament with It.


Firstly,thats what i imagined until i saw the gamepress tier list in 2.2.
No,sarco need a nerf,it have too much good value as a high elite.

Youre kidding, right? Resilient moves remove evade and distraction. Evasive actually needs a buff right now.


I don’t think it’s a problem in the slightest having an epic superhybrid in the elite tier. That in itself is completely fine as long as It has counters whithin its rarity. If all the other epic hybrids that are horrible were actually good there would be no such problem and sarcorixys could maintain its end game utility. In fact, any epic superhybrid should be able to compete in the end game, although I’d argue they shouldn’t be as good as a legendary or unique superhybrid.

We have a lot of underpowered legendary and uniques as well, and the fact that sarcorixys is better than them is not a sarcorixys problem, If sarcorixys is nerfed It remains a problem, they should still get buffs to be relevant. All I’m saying is that with all the underpowered dinos we have, a nerf doesn’t seem like the best solution in this context.


I agree with the fact that it shouldn’t be that fast, there’s no reason why the sauropod should be so fast. A lot of the chargers are even slower (The T-Rex is the slowest epic creature, including the turtle) than it which is really confusing. Most of the other epic sauropods are really slow. Just because it’s a famous sauropod doesn’t mean it should have an extra 5 boost.

Brachiosaurus doesn’t really need that much of a nerf and can be easily taken care of, he’s more seen as a starter and fuel for a raid creature.

Thylaco is fine, it’s honestly really evened and I see why people hate the Sarcorixis but that’s why it’s know as a superhybrid. The wooly rhino does need a decent nerf because it’s just too much for a regular epic.

But you also gotta think about the boosts, you can’t keep nerfing, majundaboa and spinoconstrictor is a great example. Darwezopteryz is another example in my opinion.

dont nerf brachio

I don’t think rixis or thyla need nerfs imho. I think the other epic hybrids are really just below par. Though I do think rixis could do fine without decel immunity. Some of them are just cruel jokes for the sake of the dinodex being expanded.

Yes, I’m looking at you Scaphotator.

Woolly R absolutely deserves a few swings from the nerf bat for being the wretch that it is, but I don’t see it or diplo, brachio, or boa getting touched since they are exclusives. I don’t think the latter 3 even need nerfs anyway, other epics just need buffs.


Agree,lots of epic hybrids deserv a buff but rixis on the other hand need a nerf.
It is only beaten by 2 epic hybrids and not even by 20% of the legendaries.