Dinos and Mods preferences for Daily PvP battles

I realised I tend to choose the same teams and mods combinations for PvP battles, even in the same order. I have many of these Dinos so I always repeat the same combinations. Cooldown times are pretty good and I use Common mods I can get easily with coins.
Show me your combinations.




I just do a FMF where the main is always the same dino for each battle. My mains are a L30 Liosicht for Aquatic, a L40 Entelorhacos for Cenozoic, and L1 Indo Gen 2 Jurassic.

The fodders always follow the same class rankings, where I chose from my weakest dinos in a given class. For example in Aquatic PvP I do a surface fodder (usually a L40 Super Rare Surface), my Liosicht, then a reef fodder similar to the surface fodder. I always start with whatever class my main will have the disadvantage over, so hopefully the enemy swaps to something that counters my first dino (like how reef beats surface) so that my main can easily kill once it’s my turn and I have the class advantage (caves beat reefs). The only exception is Jurassic PvP where I use whatever class(es) of dinos is needed for BDNA missions.

For what mods I use, it’s always common and rare mods where the first fodder always gets the weakest mods like decrease enemy attack, etc. Any +HP goes on my mains. The second fodder gets whatever’s left.

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I don’t save any mods, so whatever 3 I just got for coins.

Saturday mornings can be rough on the weekly PvE mod event. But my bench is deep if I need to try again.

Nullify being broken really stinks.

The bugged bonus blocks on piercing bit make me fear attacking with it.

Different and fun though.


Two level one commons with Clone mod and my best dinosaur with Intervigrate. Somehow actually works.

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What I don’t like about your Jurassic strategy is that You have to use an Indo, and thats at least 24hs cooldown (LvL 10). I reserve indos and higher ferocity hybrids for PvE or sometimes for tourneys if I need them.
With Tapeja, Monostego and Dime (all LvL 10) y have cooldowns round 6~8 hs, same with LvL 20 Vips I use for Acuatic and Ceno PvP.

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I don’t think CDs matter much to my carnivore lineup, and this isn’t even my entire carni roster.


Nice lineup :muscle:. Thats not My case, I have to deal with long cooldown times. You almost have all dinos :smiley:, wich ones are missing?



I have at least one of every dino:

The only locked one I have is Sinoceratops:


I do mostly Aquatic Modded PVP to keep the Jurassics free for PVE, except for on Aquatic Wave Wednesdays.

I did have set patterns for a while but grinding 77 battles in a week got me into using FMF. This is typical.

The mods depend on what I have to hand, I store the very useful ones ready for Saturday’s event but the rest I buy just 3 a day usually, so I don’t have many spares. The principle is - throwaway mod on F1, big enhancement to the Main, and the third fodder has a Mod that helps the Main. I stick to common and rare Mods and generally so does the AI, although I have been faced with something worse including Terrify on occasion.

My Cenos aren’t as strong, so I use a three main strategy when I’m doing Ceno modded

Here I like to defend the most defended creature and add to the attack of the best attacker.

When I do a Jurassic modded it tends to be with 2 fodders and L10 Spinotasuchus as a main.

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Aquatic are always the following creatures:

Cenozoic are always these creatures:

Jurassic is a combination of what ever boss missions are floating around in terms of using X number of creatures so it varies.

MODs are whatever I just picked up on the spin wheel Sun-Fri. Saturday is always fun when getting to use up what ever is left over after the MOD PvE event.