Dinos borrowing & co-operation coins

I have a suggestion could help low level players
Which is
1- “dinosaurs borrowing !”
It will work only in campaigns/raids
Example :- if iam lvl 20 i should have many unused dinos …so if a low level player requested to borrow a creature with a small note like ( swap in ability-cunning…etc) just to recognize the type of the dino he wants…this would help if inactive high level player is about to go offline…he could borrow one or two of his dinos to alliance members to hell each other with it…
2- " co-operation coins"
Borrowing your dinos to your alliance mates or even your friends could give you co-operation coins ( or name it what ever you want :joy::joy:) which you could buy DNA of certain dino with it or gold or maybe cash
And ithink it should be with daily limit
Like 100 co-operation coin per day you gain them by being helpful with your team mates
I hope you guys like it
Thank you :gift_heart::relaxed:


Welcome to the forums!

I have requested a similar thing to the borrowing, however it was a bit different. What I had was a loaning system, where a higher level player could loan out a Dino for the amount of coins it takes to make one fuse, and every battle you can play with the creature costs the amount of coins to fuse it times each battle. Example: A level 12 player wants to try out Carbotoceratops. A higher level player sends a loan out for 1000 coins, which would be 5 battles. If the level 12 accepts it, he pays 1000 coins, and can do 5 battles with it. If the level 12 doesn’t accept it, the deal drops, and nothing is lost. However, the loaned creature will be stock. Also, the creature will return after a week or after the number of battles are completed. You can loan out 1 creature a day, and can only receive one loaned creature until the creature returns to the owner.

The co op coins sound interesting, and I would like to see it. However, there should be different rarity coins, and none above Epic.

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This is cool also

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Thank you.