Dinos Doing Things


You know what, gang? Let’s have some fun and bring a little light to these forums!

This one is for any funny/silly/cool/etc pictures that were taken either in-game (screenshot) or using the AR Camera. My only rule is to keep things clean; there’s probably minors here.

I’ll start it off with dinos looking to cool off this summer in whatever body of water they can find:

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Interesting glitch… Or is it a glitch?

What about “Dinos directing traffic”, where they spawn in the middle of a busy lane of traffic or intersection? I’ve definitely seen that along my usual hunting route. Saw it once on an Interstate as well.


Get pictures, lol! That’s what this thread is for! Dunno if it’s a glitch, but it’s funny to think that raptors can swim.


I would, but I still can’t figure out how to do screenshots on my Galaxy J3.


They could swim. Not the most graceful, but all dinos could swim to some extent.

Who told you they couldn’t? LOL


That’s the first thing people would think if they were being chased by any sort of predator back then: “Run into the water! They can’t swim!”

Oh yes they can.

And you are seriously boned when they catch you by surprise.


LOL Dinos couldn’t swim. That’s bad science right there. Not laughing at you, Angela. I’m laughing at the thought of people still thinking that…


I’m sure some could but, a raptor? They never came off to me as the type that could swim. But to get screenshots, just google how you do it on your phone. For me, it’s the power button and the volume button.



Sadly (at least so far anyway), the AR functions only work for iPhones (unless you’re willing to do some dicey modifications to your Android OS & even then it won’t work on every device).


Many of these look like they peed on the floor rather than trying to take a bath, which is even more hilarious


With Android, you have to have 7 or above, and install the ARCore software from the Google play store.


No it’s not. I have a droid fully capable of AR. Even my last droid was AR capable.


My droid is still at 6.01, and the latest “upgrade” didn’t even boost me to android 7. Some upgrade…


Damn, that sucks. I have no clue what upgrade I have in mine. I just know it can do things. Lol, yeah, not very tech savvy.



(David Attenborough voice)

Who says raptors aren’t intelligent? Here, we see two of these skillful nocturnal hunters of the forest lying in wait, facing oncoming lanes of traffic - a very wily hunting strategy to use while stalking the ever-wary migratory automobile…


“Hey! Hey Ed! Guess what I am now!”

“No. Now get down from there. Hang on a sec… how in hell did you even get up there? Our forelimbs are useless for climbing.”

“There was a delivery van parked in back. Operative word: WAS. C’mon - guess!”

“Nigel, for the hundredth time… You are NOT a raptor. Oh, I give up. Go ahead and pounce. Don’t come crying to me when you break every bone on impact.”


Yep. Time to stop using Tinder…


Not the case for me. 8.0 OS but the ARCore store inside the play store won’t function for my Tab S3.


A few days ago I saw a lythronax brutally chew a hole through an einiosaurus.