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Dinos Doing Things


Hm, Steginotahsaurus?


My buddy checking to see if I’m okay.


These dinos, man.


Dual Monolophosaurus?



Eh? Eh?


I got it…

Pair 'o 'lophosauruses!!!

EDITX2: I’m somehow not done yet, but hear me out:


I’m going to be a dad in less than 3 weeks. I need to practice this kind of stuff.


I think it’s so funny when you have the same species side by side and they dance in unison :sweat_smile:


That’s too hilarious!


My favorite running trail that always reminded me of the Jurassic Park original… Squirrel!


I keep reptiles and even my bearded dragon swims well. Raptors would have no trouble fording a river given their tail and wide feet. I’d even wager sauropods could swim to some extent. If they ever was in a body of water that went over their heads lol


Wanted to share something cool.




Who said dinos can’t be potty trained?

Maybe we should request larger Strike Points to give the dinos more room to do their business


The stadiums are already big enough! We can’t adjust the size of our toilet seats so why should they!?


Caught this Trex during a mid afternoon snack


Im not sure how this happended


T-Rex taking an X-Ray on Apatosauro? :rofl:


Oh my!


Oh shoot someone is saying something!


Dang it too late. (20 characters)


Umm…I mean… Okay.


@Dalek62771 i am SO very stealing the Owen meme. that’s awesome!