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Dinos Doing Things


Oh my god, that episode!


Man, the AR function is getting really intense…


Preview of version 1.4?



Run fer yer life!


Cerberus as an Allo…yeah, we’re dead.


Brachiosaurus on a treasure chest because why not?


Why do I look at this and am reminded of that old Looney Tunes where Daffy and Bugs make a wrong left turn and end up in Ali Baba’s treasure hoard, instead of Pismo Beach? (“Hassan… CHOP!”)

“Mine! All mine! Get back in there! Down, down down! Go, go, go! I’m rich! I’m financially secure!!”


“My name is Elmer J. Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht…”


Haha talk about a lucky spot!!
I’d consider pulling up a chair and just waiting there to see what pops up next :joy:


No need to pull up a chair. I was still in bed. My house is a pretty good spot. Hoping its a Brach spawn.


Besides, you don’t want to sit there next to what appears to be a roundabout in a folding chair. The PC who confronts you might not be so understanding of your JWA addiction.



Did y’all get this :poop: too?


I love this! Saw it earlier. Precision formation flight! Not just for fighter jocks anymore!


Going to name my Quetz “Group Captain Biggles” now… in honor of the late Graham Chapman, and my love of all things flightworthy.


Speaking of :poop:, be sure to bring your umbrella.


This isn’t JWA, but it’s got dinos. And they’re doing things… i think…

(Looks at Apato and Steg)

There’s murder in their eyes, I think I like where this is going…


Yes, this was a real saturday morning cartoon, back in the day. It was more or less a “Creationism meets Jonny Quest” type thing…


Here’s one more. Dinos chasing people. Slowly.

The theme song is a classic!


Flock of pterosaurs.


DNA lol