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Dinos Doing Things


I am offially ruining the fact that this thread has 500 comments, this is the 501st. #501Comments


Hey! This is my strike stop!


“No one cares Jimmy! And you wonder why we don’t invite you to the movies anymore…”


I would totally add Siamese-twin Delta to my team!


And this is what happens when you rampage and run without watching where you’re going. #facepalm



“Bobby! Get off of me!”
“Jimmy! How did you get down there?”


Ah, so you’re part of Vader’s Fist in the Galactic Empire! That’s an elite Corp, there!

Hashtag Star Wars References


They really dont like eachother


“I see you over there, with the eyes of a predator that hasn’t eaten in a while.”
“You’re just paranoid, now just look the other way and we won’t have to see each other ever again.”


Caaaan you feeeel…image


Elite long neck party! Rares and up only please.


I’ll, uh, leave you too alone…!


A raptor and an ophiacodon tangle each other into a game of twister,
And what does the raptor say to the ophiacodon?
“Can you get off of me?”
What did you expect? An actual joke?


7.30 AM… time to wake up man…

Shoot!!! Don’t do that again. You really scared me bro!


Don’t leave them too alone, they might get into trouble.


Dinos going extinct :grimacing::grimacing:


These dimorphodon look like something out of How To Train Your Dragonimage


Diplo: “Uuuhh, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you can -”

Me: “No, I’m not going to dart you -_-”

Diplo: “Awww! Why not?”

Me: “… Well for starters, you’re not past the blue line… :yum:

Diplo: “… Hecking heck…”

— Edit —

Hours later

Diplo: “Uuuhh, I know this is going to be awkward, and you may not remember me but…”

Me: “You again?! I thought I told you no! >^>”

Diplo: “Awww come on! Just this once?”

Me: “I’ve gotten a heaping ton of your DNA, and I’ve had enough of you and your red cousin. Go away!”

Diplo: “No! You can’t make me!”

Me: Prepares to get Monomimus

Diplo: scurries away


We currently have the makings of Allo/Stego hybrid in my backyard! What’s happening, Ludia?! :astonished::astonished::astonished:


Kind of a catdog situation there.