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Ehy @Angela_Flynn !! What’s up? Have you seen all the app changes? What are your thoughts about?


I have! I still jump on the game from time to time (life and lack of a computer doesn’t help), and got to see some if the new things. I even made my own group. I have to say, the battle system’s much smoother and quicker than before, and I’m glad they fixed the idle roars. Granted I haven’t done much in terms of pvp (again, lack of a computer), but I saw some of it through those event battles. I think I still have some playing around to do, but all in all, still loving it. And hey, we still have a better battle system compared to PoGo XD


Oh, not much to do with Dinos, but I found the end of the world:


Life isn’t a highway, it is just a end of the road


And now that song is stuck in my head XD


If i dart it, will i get double amount of dna? :thinking::joy::joy:


“This is not even my final form!!!”


Tag, you’re it.:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


In a world where Indominus Rex was still alive and dinosaurs were transported inland (by us dumb humans), a town that was soon overrun by Indom and her pack of large theropods hunts down a runaway who tries to escape her fate…

Gorgo: “Find her! Leave no den unturned!”

Dimorphodon: “Sir yes sir!”

Tuo: “Oh gods please don’t find me…”

It wasn’t onscreen at the time, but like, moments later, a Nodosaurus came on the map.

Nodo: prays that the Gorgo doesn’t find her either


Okay so, I noticed how similar these models are:


I feel like I witnessed the making our next hybrid.

Regardless, it looked a little… Personal. Even the allo doesn’t want to look.


What do you mean? It’s an innocent piggyback ride! Poor mono’s legs…

I realy hate this game with dracoceratops cheat. No fun this way

They are brothers from different mothers.:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Stego: “Psst! Did ya get the package?”

Tuo: “Heck yea I got it. You want me to give it to you now, or at the drop off?”

Stego: “At the drop off. Kenny’s gonna be there. Don’t be late.”

Tuo: “Alright, I won’t.”


I call her “Cerberus”


I feel like that poor Einio is about to be lunch.


These three all appeared at once…

Hashtag Suchomimus Party


Probably scared the raptor into the tower


This was not the surprise I was expecting



Does anyone else have one? :rofl: