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“Dinos eat men” (formerly Tyrant Spain) Reclutando/recruiting

Hey guys! The majority of the members of Tyrant Spain have refunded the alliance as “Dinos eat men” (temporary name). We still have a few spots available, with the same conditions we used to have in TS:

  • Speaking Spanish
  • Being motivated and competitive
  • Being generous with DNA donations
  • Being active in the weekend tournaments
    Anyone interested, please contact me by DM o comment this post (also on discord rdebar/0#1625).
    We are waiting for you!

Forgot to mention: 3 lvl20 sancts every day, 10/10 alliance rewards, lvl9 championship reward :slight_smile:

Still 4 spots available! And the name has changed officially to ‘Teoria del Caos’ :slight_smile: