Dinos/Flyers Easier to Dart?


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve consistently gotten more DNA from every creature I’ve darted. Have y’all had the same experience? I know they changed the hit circle on Para, but have they maybe increased the target area or changed movements?


Found a nice 9 epics today. Darting seems to be a tad bit easier. I usually average 130s with rexy at lvl 16 vip.


The flying seem easier to dart than the rest because they are closer to your drone. I’ve noticed that the size of the dino effects the distance from your drone, so on smaller dino’s there more tendency for the dart to drift (since it has farther to go to the target) so you have to allow for that when darting. Larger dino’s have less distance from the drone to the target, and with Flying dinos, it’s like they are right under you, so darting is faster and more accurate.