Dinos Hate Me


Get VIP to get the 200m range perk that comes with it. (Very limited travel here, being a disabled mum makes going anywhere hard). No dinos, not even within 250m that I could walk close enough to in order to get the minimal amount of catchability time. No, they are all 300+ meters away bunched up on the highway. 4 of them.
I’m also tired of looking and only seeing monolopho at the nearby event drop point. I havent unlocked secodonto, and I’ve not even seen an ouranosaur spawn yet. Do dinos just hate me or something? This has been all week. I havent had a single thing but 2 paras and three stegos show up close enough to nab. Anyone else notice this? Kind of makes me wonder why I have VIP for the extended field when it seems everything just winds up spawning even further away now.


I thought it said Dinos “ate” me. I think that would have been pretty accurate if they were alive outside the digital world :smiley:

Sorry to hear you are unlucky. I dont have secondantus either, but i only want mono. Its used in two hybrids.
Sometimes spanws are unlucky. I have 2 days in a row with barely a rare and no epics and sometimes a day with 4 t rexes and 2 other epics…

Chance is random. Just keep trying!


I seen like 1 t rex and i couldnt even reach it when i went out as shotgun for a ride. My t rex i got was unlocked thru incubators i won. Day 9 of no dinos spawning in my range except 1 lone apatasaurus…


See a rajasaur for first time 340m away. Its midnight but i convince bf to help me walk close enough to get it. I dont even get off our short street to begin my way to it. Its gone… so i begrugingly turn and go home cuz there are no dinos showing up. I get inside, sit down, and a new rajasaur is now 295m away. And this time i cant go get him cuz it was hard enough to get bf to help me first time.
Screw you, rajasaurus. Screw you.