Dinos healing when changed?



I just fought someone who got a stegosaurus and before I land the finishing blow, he changed it to a low hp dino to take the hit instead. But when he send the stegosaurus again it was healed for more than 50% hp.

Is this a game mechanic or is it cheating?

Also, I find a ton of players with overleveled stegosaurus. I’m stuck between 2300-2600 trophies. My team is varying as today I unlocked stegoceratops, postimetrodon and amargocephalus at once, so I’m testing those out.

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Could be bugged bot? That it had two stegosauruses


I don’t know. I’m finding a ton of players with stegos level 16-18 and their other dinos at 11-13


It’s kinda dumb, at least when you find a counter to them, but I usually never en-COUNTER it when I battle


I don’t know. I went up to 2600 trophies and last week I began to lose every battle until 2200 trophies. Kinda frustrating.


Everyone else is leveling up too. It’s pretty hard to make big progress.


Stego is probably one of the BEST raptor counters in the game, hands down. You get the slowdown from the Thagomizer attack, and the additional slowdown and damage from the superiority strike. It’s no wonder people are levelling their stegos so high.

Also, Stegoceratops is a very useful hybrid. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the status cleanse of superiority strike, so it can’t negate any status attacks. but for what it lacks, it more than makes up for in brute force. Another reason people are grabbing all the stego DNA possible.

It’s not necessarily hackers in this case, although if they are so far ahead of your bracket to be almost impossible to beat, that could be a sign of a hacker or spoofer that has bloated his/her stego with tons of ill-gotten DNA. (I know Ludia said that spoofers/cheaters were going to be banned, but we only got to see them banned for 24 hours with no reset.)

Keep levelling your Stego. You’re gonna need the DNA for either hybridizing later, or levelling it for max damage.


As for why the Steg appeared to heal between swaps, my guess is that it may have been a glitchy bot with two stegs. The hacker theory is still valid, if not more than slightly lower in probability.

But the glitch bots have caused issues similar to this in the arena before, why should they stop now? LOL