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Dinos Needing Buffs and Nerfs

3200 or 3300 HP
1500-1600 ATK
131 Speed

Same Moveset and Immunity

Monomimus (For this one I thought that instead of everyone comparing this to the ProRat, everybody should be comparing ProRat to this. Meaning its gotta be better than ProRat)
3500 HP
1400 ATK
130 Speed (Cause why not?)

Null. Impact
Distract. Rampage
Evasive Stance


Entelemoth (In my opinion Persistent Ferocious Strike is way to good for a basic attack. I was kinda thinking it be reduced to 25%/33% and not 50% atk boost)
4300 HP
1400 ATK
115 Speed (Just to be slower)

Same moveset

Get rid of Immune to DOT, and keep Immune to Stuns and On Escape Heal

Indo G2 (I plan it being weaker stat-wise compared to The Indo, but better moveset)
3500 HP
1300 ATK
128 Speed

Cautious Strike {Tweaked: Evasive for 50% Chance (considering this or might go back to 75%), Keep distraction, Get rid of speed up}
Same with everything else

Same Partial Immunities

OG Indo
3900 HP
1500 ATK
129 Speed (Just to guarantee its faster than its sibling, considering boosts)

Definite Strike
Cleansing Impact or Distracting Impact (Seriously why does this Indo not have a Distracting move??)
Evasive Stance

Same Partial Immunities

Dilophoboa (My 2nd favorite dino)
4200 HP
1300 ATK
117 Speed

Null. Strike
Precise Rampage
Def. Impact
Venom Spit (Got rid of Sidestep. New Move: Priority: Instant Distraction, but with DoT for 0.2 for 3 turns. Cooldown: 2 turns)

On Escape Evasive Strike (Tweaked: 75% Chance to Dodge 2 turns, 1x Damage)
Same Counter and Partial Immunity

Spinoconstrictor (My favorite Dino)
4500 HP
1200 ATK
122 Speed

Intimidate (New Move: Pins opponent for 2 turns, nullifies any positive effects. Basic Attack)
Precise Rampage
Carnage {New Move: 33% DoT for 3 turns even when it switches, 1.5x Damage (contemplating even 2x damage, but maybe thats too powerful) Cooldown: 2. Delay: 1}
Precise Rampage

Double Whammy (Or Clapback, please feel free to suggest more names for this mechanic) {New Mechanic: 1x Precise Armour Piercing Damage, and 1x Precise Armour Piercing to new dino swapping in (The Clapback ability of Strictor is a new mechanic, affecting the escaping dino and upcoming dino)}
Same Partial Immunity

Same stats

Superiority Strike is (maybe) changed to Superior Rejuvenating Strike (New Move: Basic Attack. Same like Superiority Strike but cleanses EVERY debuff)
Thagomizer (Tweaked: Slows opponent speed for 50% for 3 turns. Cooldown: 2)
Short Defense changed to Long Protection
All this is to make Stegod more formidable.

4500 HP
1700 ATK
112 Speed (make it outspeed other chompers, not counting mammolania)

Since TenRex will get the immunity from distractions, Superiority strike is redundant.

Decel Strike
Same other moves

Immunity to Distraction
Intimidate Ability (New Ability. Nullifies every positive effect applied to opponent’s dino. Passive)
Swap-In Headbutt (Tweaked: 1x Damage, 100% stun, no armour-piercing. This will affect Carboceratops)

3900 HP (Maybe, contemplating something lower than that like 3600-3800)
1450 ATK (Dont fix what aint broken)
130 Speed

Piercing Superiority Strike (A new variant of moves that pierces through a creature’s partial immunity. In this case, if a creature is immune to deceleration, DiloRach will pierce and will still make said creature slower) or another new move could suffice: Ascendency Strike {This move reminds me of an animal asserting its dominance over the pack. New Move: Cleases Distraction, Slows opponent for 1 turn, Nullifies opponent, Basic Attack}
Distracting Impact
Stun Rampage
Rampage & Run
Immunity to Swap-Prevention

4200-4300 HP
1200 ATK
126 Speed

Superiority Strike
Subduing Impact (Sounds lame, please suggest other names for this move. Anyway, New Move: Nullifies, Distracts Opponent for 2 turns. Delay: 1 Cooldown: 2)
Stun Impact
Impact & Run
Immunity to Swap-Prevention

4200 HP
1800 ATK (This is justified due to both ingredients having 1800 attack, so its quite a no-brainer)
110 Speed (Dilo ingredients should atleast let it outspeed other chompers)

Moveset is fine, though I dont know whether Tyranno needs the immunity to distraction. Maybe just leave it for its younger brother TenRex.

Same HP
1200 ATK
Superiority Strike
Cleansing Swoop
Def. Impact
Long Protection
Same Ability and Partial Immunity

Noodle Titan (Nodopadotitan)
(Large HP bulk at the expense of Attack)
5800 HP
900 ATK
Same misc. stats
Same moveset except, Decel Impact to Rampage, Bellow is changed to a new Sauropod exclusive move: {New Move: Stomp. Priority. Stuns opponent 75% chance, Shield 2 turns, Slows opponent 2 turns. Cooldown: 2 (or maybe 3 turns)}
Counter attack updated to 0.5x attack

4000 HP
1200 ATK
Null. Impact
Distracting Impact
(All this is to make this dino into a formidable Legendary, while also considering its common counterparts)

1200 ATK
122 Speed
Def. Rampage
Distracting Impact
Charge (New Move. 3x Damage. Stuns opponent 50% chance. Stuns yourself for 75% chance. Like Mutual Fury this is a risk move. Cooldown: 2 Delay: 1)


I like these. Not my ideal ones, but overall fair.

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I like the Monomimus Change, Procerarh should have 3000-3150 HP IMO, I like what you did for Moth In terms of stats and doing PFS a rework, however, I still think it should have immune to DoT. IG2 I don’t think it should loose it’s distraction, the only thing I would remove from CS is the speedup, also a big no for it loose ES. It needs it and without it, it wouldn’t be very good. OG Indo I like distracting impact but it should have some way to cleanse since it is not immune to everything so maybe cleansing piercing strike? Diloboa I can agree but I would make Sidestep be the base move of Diloboa and have pinning strike become Distracting Impact. Not a big fan of the constrictor change in terms of moveset, what I would do is like I said for diloboa have it have sidestep be the base move and change pinning strike to distracting impact, so same moveset but pinning strike to distracting impact.


To be fair, Indo G2 already got its evasive in cautious strike, so it doesnt really need it. And the reason for the ProRat having that much health still, is because I dont want to gut it just like what Ludia did to the mono. Thanks for suggestion for the Boa and Strictor

Evasive stance works with MF against tanks and counter attackers like dioraja

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Procerathomimus arguably deserves around 2900 HP. It wasn’t nerfed when the other evasion users were, due to the 75% evasion buff. Besides, none of its components has more than 3000 HP, and it’s Immune, so it’s stats should be lower.
The attack and moveset is fine, I tried changing the moveset in one of my threads, but getting it just right gets pretty complicated.

I kinda liked the double Impact moveset, but I suppose this would work too. The HP might be a tad too high, but I’m not sure.

Well, there’s actually another in-game move called Ferocious Shattering Strike that’s only a 33% buff. The Legendary Goat had it. I think that would be perfect.

But if you want PFS to stay, there isn’t really a problem with the move, so much as there is with the Dino’s attack stat. Nerfing PFS and nerfing the creatures’ attack stat amount to practically the same.

I’d also change DSR to APR, like the Mammoth, to give the Shield-reliant creatures some relevance and give something for Entelomoth’s to eventual Unique to improve upon.

The biggest problem with Cautious Strike right now, the only problem actually, is that it speeds Indo G2 up. This makes it practically impossible to revenge-kill, and changing that would instantly make it more counterable.

It’s already faster than its sibling because it’s a Unique. This speed change messes with a bunch of matchups like Magna, Erlidom, Spyx, Dilorach and creates even more speed ties. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Cleansing Impact is more useful against Decelerating dinos, but I guess that works too…

Cooldown? Delay?

Aw come on, most shielding creatures are trash already. Besides, a Distracting or Decelerating Impact would be way more useful.

Cooldown? Delay?

DSR and it’s variants are way too common. I think you might be overpowering this thing.

New mechanic? That could be interesting.

It can’t affect the next creature. It’s called an “On Escape” ability, not an “On Entry” ability.

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Indo G2 would be way, way less useable if it lost Evasive Stance. It would take a truckload more damage from any dino with Deceleration, and there are a lot of those. Combined with SI-damaging moves, that would make it a lot more counterable though, and I’m pretty sure it’d drop right out of Tyrant.

Mostly solid changes…

I’m with Qaw and Golden_Cobra on a lot of their points though.

Indoraptor II
Cautious should just lose the speed buff. It is the part that makes IR2 unpleasant to play against. Take that out and it becomes entirely manageable while still causing havoc for a variety of dinos.

I broadly agree that PFS is problematic. Dropping it to 25% for 2 turns would be an interesting change and make FS/FI more unique. However, I think the main problem is that most FS creatures have a gutted attack stat, but for some reason Mammoth and Entelemoth don’t.

I could go as low as 3100 I think without batting an eye. It would still be powerful at that point, but would fit its niche better.

Yeah, why not. I like the swap-in dodge on the original. I think it just needs a few points of speed and an extra bit of attack.

The Snakes
So a HP boost is more than welcome on these two (that said they are both pretty strong). I honestly think if they swapped the basic move to Sidestep for both Snakes and just changed Pinning Strike to something more Snake-interesting, it would solve the problem of both. For Dilophoboa… I don’t think Venomous Counter will ever work as intended. Mostly you want to Distract the first big hit of Dinos, or at least have control over when it is deployed…


Mind giving updating your reviews on the slightly altered version of my nerf and buff list?

3200 HP could work. Still higher than its ingredients, but it’s better than 3600. Overall, definitely more balanced than the current version.

Better, but Distracting Rampage is usually shied away from because of that delay. But with Evasive Stance, yeah, it could work pretty well.

The health could go lower, taking into consideration the ingredients, and that attack damage is still very high, but that would depend on what percentage buff you choose. For 1400, I think 25% is enough. The speed nerf is very important, and sounds good to me.

I suppose it’d still deal just enough damage to be relevant. The removal of the speed buff from CS is what everyone’s been asking for, and personally I think that that’s enough. Monomimus, Erlikospyx, and Phorusaura can revenge-kill it now.

I suppose the attack buff is justified, since it kinda needs something. Distracting Impact would definitely be interesting on it, and it would make sense too. Plus it would make bleeders like Spinotasuchus and Erlikospyx better against it. I like it.

I don’t like Definite Impact on it. Where does DoT come from? Isn’t that Spinoconstrictor’s thing?
The stat buffs are good, and coupled with a Distracting move like Distracting Impact, it would become seriously viable.
The loss of Sidestep may seem inconsequential, but it would allow Dilophoboa to beat Indoraptor G2, so I think that’s something to consider.

You know what else would make Dilophoboa more viable? Swap-in Distraction. Combined with Venomous Counter, it could swap safely into a nitro Thor and survive the next turn too, to Distract it down to 0 (if it had, say Distracting Impact).

You gave it Precise Rampage twice. Is that intended?
The problem with the Passive ability is that it’s On Escape, meaning it can’t directly affect the dino that comes in, it can only buff the user, or debuff/damage the one swapping out.
That would be an On Escape+ On Entry ability, and those don’t exist in the game yet.

Apart from that, it’s very powerful, but the loss of Sidestep certainly means it can be taken down more easily, so I suppose that balances out.

Another idea for Thagomizer is to change the debuff to 75% deceleration, so it can outspeed other tanks.
Rejuvenating Strike would only really help against bleeders, and they’re not that great right now, so I dunno about that.

Immunity to Distraction? That would definitely make it more relevant, even on its own, so I don’t think the attack buff is needed.

Intimidate would make it seriously overpowered, since Evasion would no longer counter it.
Swap-in Headbutt dealing 1x damage? On Tenontorex? I think that’s a bit extreme, especially since that deals 1700 damage, 2125 on a crit. That would be almost Dracoceratops levels of damage.

New mechanics are always a bit iffy, so I don’t know about this one.
Ascendancy Strike has already been suggested several times before, under the name Superior Nullification, and I think it would definitely suit Dilorach.
Rather than Distracting Impact, I think Revenge Distracting Strike would be more useful, since Dilorach is practically guaranteed to take out the opponent with Strike+Rampage+Strike/Rampage. Revenge Distracting Strike would give it more surviveability, especially if the opponent is boosted like crazy.

Why take away the Rampage? It already has low base damage. Other than that, it’s good.

I like it.

I don’t think Long Protection makes a lot of sense, since you’re going to want to be swapping. Definite Impact could be useful paired with Superiority Strike, against the Indoraptors and Phorusaura.
I’d replace Long Protection with a DoT move.

Seems alright.

I’d actually prefer a 3 Impact moveset, even if it means raising the base damage. Then it could get Defense-shattering Impact back.

Interesting. Distraction or would be a better basic. Looks good. It would still be countered by Magna, Tryostronix, Erlidom, etc, so I suppose it’s balanced.