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Dinos of equal speed question

Can someone help me make sense of something I’ve noticed lately?

Previously, if you had 2 dinos of equal speed, it would put the faster speed arrow under both dinos with a question mark and whoever initiates the attack first wins.

Lately however, this is not happening. My son played and the opponent had a paramoloch in the field with 144 speed. My son had to select a dino to put on the field and had a paramoloch as well with the exact same speed. He put that one out and rather have equal speed indicators, the other guy was awarded with the first attack and had the priority speed arrow on his even tho they were both 144. Neither dino has the ability to increase or decrease their speed. Why did the other guy get the luxury of being faster?

I’ve noticed this same scenario with my battles as well with my uniques and trying to make sense of it.


Was the other Paramoloch a higher level? If so, then that’s why.

Ah that could be… I didn’t consider dino level. I assumed speed was the priority regardless of level. Makes sense now thanks!

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Yeah, if two creatures are the same speed and level, it’s who clicks first, if ones higher level, with the same speed, it’ll always be the higher level one. It also works with rarity too, a common at 132 speed will go after a creature that has the same speed but a higher rarity.