Dinos should have a time limit shown


So this happens every once and a while and it gets annoying every time but just had two rexys spawn around equal distance from me and didn’t know which one to go to first so I chose random but after I caught the 1st one the second one despawned :frowning: , if there was a time setting on the dinos where it showed how much time each dino has left then that would have been maybe better where if one rexy had 4 minutes or so and the other one had like 5 or so I would have chosen the 5 and then ran to the 4


Just had another rexy spawn next to me by the time I got close to it it despawned! If I knew that it was going to despawn then I would have clicked it before it did but I wanted to get right next to it for longer time!, pls add some form of time setting to dinos!


I like this idea as well. I’m sitting at work and I check my radar periodically for nearby Epics and Rares… and when I see one, I have no idea how long it’s been there or how much longer it will be there. Perhaps when you click on it, and it zooms in, there could be a timer at that point so that you know, just like the chests had a timer for when they would de-spawn.

Then I could know if I need to move my break or lunch up a few minutes to be able to still catch it or if it will still be there when its time for my break.

It is frustrating to have 5 rares all out of reach of my radar, I take my break 10 minutes later and step outside, my game switches from wifi to Cellular, the map refreshes… and they are all gone, and I’m on break with no dinos to catch.


If not timer then at least some sort of indication like quick repeat blinks or fading before disappearing into thin air


Yeah, just frustrating when the game shows you something good and you take the time to walk/drive over there and it’s gone before you get there


I imagine they don’t do this to lessen the load on the servers. Adding timers would be super convenient for us but very resource intensive for them. The only way I could see it working effectively would be to display the exact despawn time (ex 18:45). That way they don’t have to worry about the server stress of multiple timers counting down.


They already have multiple timers counting down, just in the background, that’s how they know when to de-spawn. It’s just a matter of displaying it when the dino is selected, just like Strike Event towers and Treasure Chests.


Strike event counters and treasure chests are all the same counter across the board. There is no need to figure out individual ones for each chest or supply drop so they are not resource intensive.


They are already on a timer, there is no more intensity added. Just display it when you look at the dino just like Strike Events. It won’t display on the map, that would be resource intensive, but when you select the dinosaur and prior to pressing LAUNCH, it already queries the server, it pulls up the name of the dino, the current level of yours, the quantity of your DNA for that dino, they can just add a timer to display as well showing the remaining time on the timer in the background that is controlling the spawn time.


They should have a time limit, would make it easier for people so they dont have to go out of their way to find out oh hey it’s gone! Lol