Dinos spawning at Strike Events


I have a suggestion to make this better. I’m sure everyone here has been frustrated (or at least most of you) when there is a dino inside a Strike Event Tower and you cannot click on it, especially if it happens to be a rare dino/reptile. Big ones it doesn’t matter because they are big and you can still click on them but the small ones like raptors and dilos are impossible or near impossible. I missed out on getting Echo DNA because of a Strike Tower and it makes me mad. I want to have all four of the special Velociraptors and she’s the last rare that I need (I have Delta and Charlie) and if this happens with Blue, I’m going to flip my lid…

Anyways, there’s two possible solutions:

  1. If you don’t want to do the Strike Event, you can opt out of that particular event and this will make the tower disappear. You can do this without participating in it, by using all attempts and failing (on purpose or accident), or by completing the Strike event victoriously. Obviously there should be a check to make sure you really want to opt out of it. It doesn’t hurt anyone but the person that does this.

  2. Make it so that dinos don’t spawn within a certain radius of the supply drops. Maybe 5m? That’s not too bad of a distance and it will make the smaller dinos able to be clicked.

If these were already suggested, I apologize. I’m just sick and tired of not being able to get some dino DNA that I would like, even if it is a common.