Dinos that are now amazing?


Ouranosaurus and monolophosaurus are now amazing.


Are they? I want to use monolophosaurus but with so many self-cleansing in game I’m afraid of her being useless so I wasn’t sure if I should spend coin on her!


Oranosaurus is one of the best in game now… bar none.


Ouranosaurus was always good (like Edmontosaurus), it’s just that the imbalanced raptor problem made it seem not so good. However Ourano has now found her way back into my team post-update1.3


It’s the ultimate raptor killer… can take a pounce, then gets off 2 full power attacks in a row… worldie dino


Agreed on Ouranosaurus, I think it single handily carried me to Sorna Marshes even though mine is only lv.12. It’s moveset meshes so well now that the useless Strike got replaced by Superiority Strike :smile:

I’d also like to highlight Amargocephalus (the Amargasaurus+Eulocephalus hybrid), thanks to 40% armor and high HP it’s probably the best Counter Attack dinosaur in the game right now (or at least one that’s fairly easy to obtain, don’t have any Legendaries or Uniques yet).


Ok I don’t use this one but the rajasaurus is soooo good now.


Spinohraptor has low health but it has an attack that is 2.4 times damage and reduces opponent damage by 50% for two turns.

My biggest problem with him is he sucked so bad before that I did not sufficiently level it. Need to get it up to level equal to rest of my team so its not quite so squishy.


Why 2.4 though, so random :sweat_smile:


Pretty sure the 2.4x thing is a typo; I did a friendly battle to test it and was the standard 2x rampage

Why it has the same icon as Distracting Strike is beyond me tho… especially given that the more powerful attack is usually on the right


I disagree. It’s weaker now (& as a result I’ve removed it from my team).


I am glad Suchopotato got an upgrade. I killed a level 13 Pyroraptor with just my level 11 Suchotator. I use it when I don’t have Amargocephalus or Stegoceratops because of the Instant Cripple move. I used that to weaken the Impact and then just did Lethal Wound, and repeat with pounce. Killed in just 4 moves.