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Dinos that do their job without boosts

I’m probably in the minority having dumped tons of boosts into dinos (over 7k) only to refund all of them and try again (and in one case refund again…) so I’m far far lower than what I started with. This has forced me to try to figure out:

What dinos do well even not boosted? (Obviously better boosted but that’s not the point of this discussion)

These seem to mostly do their job barring some extreme boosting scenarios (thors with too much speed for example):

Rinex (still good vs thors, indo g1 and 2, good setup vs erl and maxima, etc.) Boosts don’t typically make it do better vs its counters (magna, faster or higher rinex, etc.)

Thor - does a great job vs indo g1, and great at just taking a hit and fishing out 2 to setup whatever I put out after it dies.

Tryko - so beefy and tanky and hard hitting even without boosts.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

I play mostly unboosted.
Smiloceph does it’s job against rats really well. At this point it takes 2 hits to finish them, but still does its job none the less.

Smilonemys does pretty well also. Not so much a rat killer, but holds its own against speedsters like erlidom and on occasion proceratho.

Thylacotator is nice as well. Amazing tank buster. 40% crit and rending takedown is a great combo.


Indo2, Indo2 and also Indo2


But yeah, Thylaco is awesome. it literally doesn’t need anything to be destructive, but of course a little HP and speed wouldn’t hurt


Erli, Thor, Indo, Magna, Ardentis, Tryko, Gemini and Dio do just fine unboosted.


Carnotarkus. Not a single boost on mine, she still pulls off awesome saves or at least weakens opponents so my other critters can have an easier time.
Although I plan on making her a 20 HP / 10 A beefed monster in the future.


Erlidom. Cloaking and speed up saves her a lot
Tryko. The best kit and stat design on a unique imo
Thyla. The swap in is clutch against slower trykos and thors
Indo gen2 i don’t need to explain :rofl:
1.10 Maxima. Now not that much.
Nemys also holds it’s own well

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Definitely Tryko and Dio. Ardmax also, don’t need damage boost when you always crit!


I’m a bleeder fan. Purutaurus too (and I suppose, by extension, its hybrid cow). I like my Erlidom too, but without speed boosts it’d get rolled over.
Trykosaurus is good without speed boosts. Fantastic. If I could make my Trykosaurus slower, I would. Get a Tryko vs. Tryko, the slower one to the Distract button wins. Take that for an odd concept.
Indoraptors & I-Rexes may do well.
Dracoceratops also.

Here’s a squad I’d try–


Others to try: Erlikospyx, Honkin’ Huge Indominus Rex, Indoraptor (G1 or 2), Maxima
I’ve never used Smilonemys, Magna, Utarinex, or Pterovexus. And those aren’t the only ones I don’t have yet

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Grypo does pretty well without boosts. Even better with HP boosts, but since it has a rending counter it’ll do big damage and regen often allows it to get one more hit off. I’m still working on leveling mine, but they can be a pain if you don’t draw the right counters.

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