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Dinos that havent been seen for awhile


I haven’t seen any of these dinos except for flying one for awhile some I haven’t seen since I got the game like three or four months ago I would love to see them again and really soon


i havent seen the ouranosaurus in at least 4 months. i used to see it everywhere, but once i got it to level 15, they stopped spawning completely.


I have fused my diloranosaurus to within 10 DNA of completion. And I’m at 0 Ouranoaurus. Zero. And haven’t seen one since. Devastating!


i am 20 dna away. its killing me.


Fun fact: just opened epic tourney incubator and got enough to do my final fusion. Hmmm. That being said, I’m still a lifetime away from creating the unique using my 46k+ Deinocherus DNA.


Parasaurolophus. Used to see it almost as frequently as iguanodon. Now that i need it to fuse for paramoloch, i rarely see it anymore.


Dimetrodon Gen 1 and Dracorex Gen 1 are the most immediately frustrating for me as they appear only in two spots I have been noticing to be consistent but only early morning or late evening.

Everything else is sparse but at least I
can say I’m not overly concerned with. Maybe Tuo-steg cousin. Jerk. :rofl:


Kentrosaurus and Erlikosaurus. Haven’t seen them in ages.:sob:


I have every epic and rare except 2… which I havnt even seen

Carnotauros and Concavinator


Same boat. I have it at 15 with plenty of dilo dna ready to go but I haven’t seen one for at least a month. Shame dilorano was nerfed I never got a chance to have one at it’s peak.


Suchomimus is as rare as gold for me. Lowest level in my Collection.


Suchomimus spawns at L4.


Migrations just shift things about. I think my whole town is just Zone 3 from what I’ve seen. Haven’t seen Parasaurolophus, Lythronax, Magjunasaurus and all the usual appearances for over a month or so now.


Level 12 here.


Hope the next migration shifts some Suchomimus my way…


Wish the game lets players trade dna because I’d love to trade this for some good ole Ankylosaurus or Dracorex! She is ubiquitous here. :laughing:




Here’s hoping in the near future they make a good hybrid material. I evolved her twice by mistake, still regretting!:sleepy:


I got her to 16 when she was still on my team. A day later I took her off :confused: lol. I think a Concavenator hybrid would be :ok_hand:t2: