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Dinos that need fixes!


Were getting a new aquatic update soon, and there most likley will be balancing and changing. Here are some of my opinions on which dinos that need fixes… maybe you agree on some of them.

I think that dio is the dino with the most need of a buff heres what i think. (lvl 21)
806 atk 3500 hp
pinning strike
distracting rampage
short or long defence
extended critical strike

This creature needs a nerf, I liked it the way it was.
120 speed
impact and run
swap in rampage
insta charge
slowing strike

I really like rinex as it is, but a swap in distraction woud be cool!

A cool croc that needs a deserving buff.
(lvl 21)
3390 hp 790 atk
vurnability strike
lockdown impact
ferocious strike
long protecion
shattering counter
swap in defence
113 speed

Thats some dinos I would like to be changed, what do you think? Any more tips and do you agree/disagree?

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note, I know that this is not the way dracoceratops used to be


DC with 120 speed? Is it a joke?

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Whoops! Meant to write 111

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Dio changes would be nice, I’ll also throw in that a 2 speed bump to 110 wouldn’t be too bad. He’s not a heavy hitter, but rather a sort of defensive utility counter dino, so it would make sense to get him slightly faster than the likes of Tryko, Thor, and Tenonto. He just gets eaten alive after the swap in in the present meta where everything is either anti-shield/anti-armor or speedy-utility, or both.


If with speed 111, dinos like Thor or Tenontorex cannot come in and one shot DC without taking damage.
Even now with 109, if the level of DC is higher than Thor, Thor still cannot do so.
Better to keep it at 109, or even reduce to 108.


You forgot Apatosaurus, he definitely needs fixing.



Ya know… 120 speed sounds like a buff :wink:
Jk, you know ya can edit right though?

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Diorajasaurus does not need a rekit.

All it needs is more hp (4250 on lvl 26) and 110 speed.

Otherwise his kit is perfect and don’t need a change just because some people don’t know how to use it.


What about tuoramoloch? I feel like it could use at least one Rampage move


Yeah but instead of the DSR he gets a normal rampage

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You’re right … and they are right too.

I think we all agree that Dio needs improvement to be useful.

I agree with you that one of the ways (and my preferred way) is to have speed 110 not to be a toy in the hands of Thor, Tenonto and Tryko and some more health to be able to resist at least one bite after an exchange. This would make this poor creature useful without losing its differentiation from another. I would add a possibility that it would increase its damage by reducing its “swap in ferocity” so that it could be useful not only as an exchange dino.

Other people propose to change their skills, which would be another way. Surely I will agree with you that this path partially distorts the characteristics of the dio.


For a non-swapper, there is already Rajakylosaurus.

Buff that creature to be the vanilla go-to counterattacker, while Dio stays as the SIA counter-king


It would be correct if one were not the descendant of the other … the reality is that the logical thing is to use the legendary up to 20 in low arenas and then create and evolve the unique for high arenas.

Anyway I agree with you that the best thing is to give the dio more speed and some more health.


Dont forget Gobbels!


The original DC had 119 speed, but lacked the swap in rampage

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Majundasuchus was supposed to get 880 attack in patch 1.5 and still hasn’t. She’s also supposed to be “one of the fastest and most flexible attackers in the theropod bloodline” but her speed is 108.

Needs fixin’.


I disagree with that, just because it can be “improved” with hybridization, I don’t think it’s healthy for the game to have redundancy, as both dinos doing the same, but one being 100% better than the other.

I agree Dio should be overall better, but he already accomplishes that by having a more complex and versatile kit.

Rajakylosaurus’ niche always was being a heavy bruiser. So letting it being relevant in that (long protection + crit specialist) adds more choice, variety and depth into the game.


I figure if Meg and Tryo are mentioned enough times I might get pleasantly surprised come update time :slightly_smiling_face: my 30 Meg and 28 Tryo are wearing mini skirts and waving pom poms. It’s just wrong!


What I want to say is that an epic or legendary from which you can create a unique for me no longer “exists”. Although in a version of the game was a dino Tyrant and even better than its unique for me, it does not directly “exist”, it is only a component of a superior dino, it is “raw material”. For me during one phase of the game the rajakylosauro was one of my favorite dinos but it stayed in 20 and although in the next version it would have 5000 health and 2500 damage, it would not evolve it. therefore, it makes no sense to compare both creatures.

In fact, I have not even wanted to create the dracoderatops although I could take it to level 27 and it would be one of the best dinos of my team and it would make me improve in the arena and even without having still unique. And it’s the same reason why I never evolved dracorex gen 2 beyond 15.